Monument Valley, A Collaborative Show, Dec. 1 through Jan. 23

Posted on: Nov 27 2017

Photographs by Kurt Markus Watercolors by William Matthews

In this collaborative show, two distinguished artists, each a master of his medium, express their passions for a special place that has inspired their creative pursuits for years.

Kurt Markus’ black-and-white silver gelatin photographs document the Monument Valley is all of its awe-inspiring beauty.

William Matthews’s paintings capture the color, energy, and raw beauty of the Valley as only watercolor can.

Two different views and interpretations of the same place contrast and complement each other’s unique visions. The setting of countless western films over the decades, the Monument Valley appears at once desolate, ancient and enchanting.

The Monument Valley lies within the Navajo reservation on the Colorado Plateau, straddling the Arizona/Utah border. Its cluster of majestic sandstone buttes rising high above the valley floor represents some of the most timeless iconic images of the American West.

Opening reception: December 1, 2017, 5-8pm at Great Basin Studio, 2540 Walnut Street, Denver.

Studio hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10-5. Open other days by appointment.


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