The firms creating architectural wonders west of the Mississippi 

Rendering: Intuition to Create

February | March 2015       Written By Robert Kaufman      

If conventional wisdom is right to suggest following one’s own instincts, Sharon Woods is indeed a wise woman. She has built a career on the concept. As a self-trained home designer…

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Rendering: Quality of Experience

February | March 2012       Written By Lawrence W. Cheek      

Mike Mora and Joe Herrin, the creative suns of Seattle’s Heliotrope Architects, like to talk about “quality of experience” in architecture. Herrin tries to explain. “It’s more than a series of…

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Rendering: Hofmann Architecture

April | May 2016       Written By Isabelle Walker      

Small is no longer a pejorative in architecture. When a structure’s foundation is a chassis and its exterior a shiny aluminum shell, small isn’t simply beautiful, it’s the whole idea. …

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Rendering: Bassenian Lagoni Architects

Fall | Winter 2009       Written By Laurel Delp      

High on a hill with sweeping views over the Newport coast and Pacific Ocean, is The Tides, an elite custom development crowning the already rarified atmosphere of the gated community…

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Rendering: Coming Full Circle

December 2017 | January 2018       By Chase Reynolds Ewald      

Pearson Design Group (PDG) has long been known for its expressive rustic architecture. Recently, the Montana firm has been stirring passions and inspiring imitators with its more contemporary-leaning designs. While…

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Rendering: Broad Strokes

February | March 2014       Written By Laurel Delp      

Among the tenets of Los Angeles-based Whipple Russell Architects is a promise to fully listen to the client’s wishes and needs. Nothing unusual there — except that Marc Whipple appears to…

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Rendering: Outside the Box

August | September 2014       Written By Aimee White Beazley      

Jack Snow isn’t interested in the small stuff. Instead, he is enticed by big, bold and far reaching. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing,” he says. Small ideas don’t interest…

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Rendering: An Architectural Practice

August | September 2017       By Chase Reynolds Ewald      

It’s no irony that one of the smallest buildings in Robert Hutchison’s portfolio says the most about his architectural career. His studio workspace — built behind his home on the…

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Rendering: Form Finds A New Dimension 

April | May 2015       Written By Isabelle Walker      

When Ana and Andy Khawaja bought a plain, mid-century pad in the hills overlooking Sunset Boulevard, their intent was to remodel in the minimalist modern vein they both love. With that established,…

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Rendering: Desert Intuition

February | March 2013       Written By Isabelle Walker       Photography By Ethan Kaminsky      

A hundred miles east of Los Angeles, the hills above the Coachella Valley thrum with life. Purple lupine bloom in quiet extravagance, fan palms trim roadways and the boulders lying in…

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Rendering: A Matter of Perception

Summer | Fall 2010       Written By Isabelle Walker      

In the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains, where rocks, oaks and chaparral weave a resilient, captivating beauty, a long ridge known as The Riviera overlooks Santa Barbara. Here, on…

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Rendering: Paolo Soleri - A Retrospective

Spring | Summer 2009      

“The fate of humanity and the ultimate goal of society are inseparable from the fate of the animal kingdom and the good of the environment of the natural world.” —…

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Rendering: The Swaback Synthesis

August | September 2013       Written By David M. Brown      

“On my second day ... I was given a bucket of mortar and taken out to a partially completed tent: The softness of the fabric, the earthiness of the stone and…

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Rendering: Freedom of Expression

December 2012 | January 2013       Written By Robert Kaufman      

Encouraging great mountain architecture while pushing beyond traditional Tahoe style isn’t in the design guidelines at Martis Camp, the exclusive luxury community near Lake Tahoe, but it should be. “Martis Camp…

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Rendering: Listening to the Land

Fall | Winter 2011       Written By Dina Mishev      

“We start from the land, whether it’s a pristine rural lot or an urban project in town. Wherever it is, the site has something to tell us,” says Mitch Blake,…

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Rendering: Digging Deep

Spring | Summer 2010       Written By Sarah Chase Shaw      

A design workshop is a collaborative process and an operational methodology that fosters an open working environment where diverse opinions and an attitude of discovery are encouraged and everyone participates.…

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Rendering: Collision, Overland Partners

June | July 2014       Written By Christine Rogel      

At the front entry of Overland Partners, there are three steel gates that interrupt the red brick of the building, a recently renovated 1918 warehouse located in San Antonio’s art district.…

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Rendering: Balancing Intuition

October | November 2012       Written By Laura Zuckerman      

The Modernist buildings by acclaimed architect Cass Calder Smith take nothing for granted. From spare, earth-friendly studios at an artists’ retreat in the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains to a stylish eatery…

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Rendering: Urban Design Associates

June | July 2012       Written By Christene Meyers      

Architect Lee Hutchison has the quiet, reflective demeanor of a guidance counselor, which was his first career choice. “I spent 18 months learning to be a good counselor, listening, paying…

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Rendering: Designs for People First

April | May 2017       Written By Michelle M. Winner       Photography By Peter Eckert      

Walk into the office of Scott|Edwards Architecture (S|E A) on East Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon, and you won’t be able to tell who is who. “We tend to shy…

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Rendering: Design Innovator

Summer | Fall 2008       Written By Eliza Cross      

What stirs an architect’s passion for design? For award-winning Colorado architect Harry Teague, the answer may be embedded in his very DNA. Teague’s grandfather was renowned industrial designer Walter Dorwin…

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Rendering: Shaped by Place

December 2014 | January 2015       Written By Helen Thompson      

If you are compiling a list of the greatest hits of Austin-based architects Arthur Andersson and F. Christian Wise, it would include a seemingly disparate collection of structures such as the…

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Rendering: Giulietti | Schouten Architects

October | November 2016       Written, Photography By Jessica Lowry      

Lush rainforests and sprawling cities; rolling valleys where green fields meet sandy dunes; coastal views of rocky cliffs tumbling into the ocean — these landscapes make up the dynamic Pacific…

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Rendering: Architectural Poetry

Fall | Winter 2008      

Inspired by an earnest desire to give voice to the land, the Seattle-based architectural firm of Jones & Jones came to life in 1969. For the past 38 years, the…

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Rendering: Tim Cuppett

June | July 2013       Written By Helen Thompson      

Over the last 20 years Tim Cuppett has amassed a portfolio of discerningly diverse residences. There are thoughtful renovations as well as modern new construction firmly lodged at the other end…

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Rendering:  Liveable Landscapes

October | November 2015       Written By Sarah Chase Shaw       Photography By D.A. Horchner      

Practice makes perfect when you do anything for almost four decades. In Design Workshop’s case, practicing landscape architecture in the American West for so many years has yielded results never…

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Rendering: Daring Adventures or Nothing At All

August | September 2016       Written By Robert Kaufman      

Four years ago, another sleep-deprived night lured Scottsdale, Arizona, architect Brent Kendle into answering a spamlike e-mail. Before long, he found himself jetting halfway around the world to Abu Dhabi…

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Rendering: Crafted Modernism

December 2015 | January 2016       Written By Jenna Vandenberg       Photography By Benjamin Benschneider      

Nils Finne can coax a few rays of the winter sun to light an entire house. He can design a home so an increasingly interesting view is presented around each…

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Rendering: Amid Red Rock Wonders

June | July 2017       Written By Robert Kaufman      

Who doesn’t love a parade? Architect Rob McQuay is certainly a fan, and he looks forward to every February when he can march to the beat of his own drum…

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Rendering: Denver Architect Ron Faleide

Premiere Issue       Written By Eliza Cross      

Sustainable building may be all the rage right now, but architect Ron Faleide recognizes that, like so many tenets of ‘modern’ architecture, it’s an ancient idea. “Until the mid-20th century,…

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Rendering: Conquering the Spectrum 

August | September 2012       Written By Isabelle Walker      

When the celebrated sculptor Aristides Demetrios and his wife, Ilene Nagel, began envisioning an expansion of their 1920s-era stone cottage in Montecito’s Birnam Wood Golf Club, two things were certain: The new space would be…

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Rendering: The Fine Art Behind Architecture

December 2013 | January 2014       Written By Seabring Davis      

In every home designed by the Montana-based firm Locati Architects, there is a common theme: connection. Whether in a stately Western ranch house or a substantial mountain retreat, the elements…

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Rendering: Hawkins & Associates, Inc.

February | March 2017       Written By Corinne Garcia      

When it comes to his approach to architecture, Jack Hawkins has nothing to hide. For instance, he doesn’t believe in hiding the “bones” of a structure unless it’s necessary. “An…

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Rendering: A Magnificent Enthusiasm

Spring | Summer 2008       Written By Laura Zuckerman      

The rustic masterpiece that is Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park rises from a dreamscape of snow-touched peaks, mountain lakes and the eponymous geyser that draws millions to a…

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Rendering: “Call it Rustern”

February | March 2016       Written By Laurel Delp      

If there’s a king of Malibu, he’s not a movie star. No, that title goes to an architect — Doug Burdge of Burdge & Associates — who has designed more…

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Rendering:  From Past to Present

October | November 2017       Written By Laurel Delp      

At first glance, houses designed by Michael G. Imber, Architects look like they’ve been there forever and will last just as long. The designs are, of course, geared toward modern…

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Rendering: The lay of the land

June | July 2015       Photography By Dror Baldinger       Written By Helen Thompson      

It’s no secret that James LaRue loves a challenge — he has the houses to prove it. Ever since the Austin - based architect started his own firm 26 years ago,…

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Rendering: Big Vision

April | May 2013       Written By Marilyn Bauer      

Jim McLaughlin has a big vision — a vision that has transformed a bucolic corner of Big Sky Country into a fantasy ranch; Idaho hillside acreage into an award-winning contemporary home;…

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Rendering: Building Legacies

Fall | Winter 2010       Written By Lydia E. Plunk      

Visions of paradise with buildings both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating fill the dreams of men successful in the present and confident of the future. Linthicum transforms these dreams into…

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Rendering: Windows of Soul

Summer | Fall 2009       Written By Thea Marx      

The driving force behind Tom Kundig’s architecture is simplicity. He frequently recalls his roots to create the poetry of form that has launched him into stardom, not only in the…

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Rendering: Pared Down Elegance

October | November 2013       Written By Marilyn Bauer      

Like the powerful, pared-down prose of Ernest Hemingway, Texas architect Frank Welch creates buildings of exceptional elegance and functional purity. Considered by many to be the father of Texas Modernism, Welch…

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Rendering: Inspired Placemakers

Spring | Summer 2011       Written By Eliza Cross      

He’s designed some of Aspen’s most elegant contemporary homes, received dual master’s degrees from Columbia University and travels regularly to China to oversee his firm’s latest project (a golf resort…

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Rendering: Creating Livable Spaces

Summer | Fall 2011       Written By Laurel Delp      

Robert Hidey Architects occupies half of the second floor in an unremarkable modern two-story building set in a series of business centers scattered along Irvine Center Drive in Southern California’s…

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Rendering: Texas Range

October | November 2014       Written By Christy Nielson      

Sitting down with architect Steve Chambers, AIA, at his office in Dallas is like reconnecting with an old friend. He is warm, charming and inviting — just like his office itself,…

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Rendering: The Essence of Place

Winter | Spring 2009       Written By Carter G. Walker      

Just outside of San Antonio, there is a shift in the landscape. Palm trees and hyacinth give way to mesquite and sage brush, then maples and red oak. Breezes strengthen,…

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Rendering: Legacies in Wood

December 2012 | January 2013       Written By Christine Rogel      

If you can dream it, Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia can build it. From a tiny log cabin tree house, to the largest log structure in the world — a…

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Rendering: Crafting Great Design

Winter | Spring 2011       Written By Dina Mishev       Photography By Raul J. Garcia      

Architects and builders aren’t supposed to get along. “They’ve designed something that can’t be built,” builders say about architects. Architects retort, “Builders don’t have any imagination.” The end result? The…

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Rendering: An Architect’s Life

Winter | Spring 2008       Written By Christene Meyers      

When John Douglas accepts a project, he must feel right about it. “I’m very discriminating,” said the architect of his commitment to accepting only one residential project each year. “I…

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Rendering: Marmol Radziner

April | May 2012       Written By Laurel Delp      

On a nondescript street in Venice, California, where squat houses serve as the backdrop to car-filled driveways, architect Ron Radziner’s home seems like an act of subversion. Behind high hedges and…

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Rendering: Designed for People and Place

June | July 2016       Written By Sarah Chase Shaw      

Designing a home can be a dream, particularly if it’s your home and the design is guided by innovative architects who look to you as a source of creative inspiration.…

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Rendering: Born to be Bold

December 2016 | January 2017       Written By Laurel Delp       Photography By Brandon Shigeta      

Dan Brunn is an incredibly lucky man. No one knows that better than he. The first house he was commissioned to design was built while he was still in his…

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Rendering: Architecture inspired by art

August | September 2015       Written By Laurel Delp      

Frederick Fisher and Partners is known not just for the practice’s many museums, galleries, public buildings and homes for artists and collectors, but for the profound way in which art…

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