Missoula First Friday- Ella Watson: “Eons, Epics, and Epochs”

LOCATION: E3 Convergence Gallery: 229 W Main St, Missoula



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Event Date: October 6, 2017 at 5:00pm

This October, E3 is proud to present the work of Ella Watson: Ella Watson’s recent work serves as a larger metaphor for Earth formations and life in general. By building up multi-colored layers of cold wax and oil paint, Ella scrapes away the wax to reveal the colors below. Often using the scrapings elsewhere in the work, this additive/subtractive process mimics the evolution of landforms as well as singular life. The same can be said for a person’s life: when things are taken and given, when changes happens, one is forced to adapt thus creating their life story. Recently, in light of the boiling political and social atmosphere in America, Ella's analysis of nature is taking a turn, focusing on genetics, racism, and the color spectrum. For more information, visit www.ellawatson.net, email the artist at bella.watson@gmail.com or like her on Facebook. Join us for the opening reception of this exhibit with refreshments and music by Joe Difulgatis. 20% of sales go to support the Missoula Food Bank. Exhibit ends October 28th. Return To Calendar