April | May 2012 Feature Articles

Custer’s Last Fight

Written By Toby Thompson      

DURING THE SUMMER OF 1972, I was embarked upon a four-year search for the Great American Bar, a trip that took my VW Bug 30,000 miles across this nation’s roughest roads and myself into its oldest, most colorful dives. That quest resulted in a book, Saloon, published to cork-popping effervescence in 1976. One afternoon I visited the Idaho Hotel bar, in…


Unexpected Beauty

Written By Jenna Vandenberg       Photography By Lara Swimmer      


Physics and Poetry

Written By Laurel Delp      


True Vision

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

THE LAST THING MICHAEL NARANJO remembers seeing was the man he shot. On January 8, 1968, Naranjo was a 22-year-old draftee in Vietnam when his Army patrol was ambushed in a rice paddy.  “My friends were dying all around me,” he recalls. Naranjo and the squad leader crawled into the jungle, the rest of the squad — those still alive…


The Evolution of Western Art

Written By Rosemary Carstens      


Wide Open Spaces

Written By Eliza Cross       Photography By Jay Goodrich      

WHEN THEY WERE READY TO BUILD THEIR RETREAT in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, a couple went looking for a parcel of land and invited their architect, Scott S. Turnipseed, AIA, along for the hunt. “It was great to be involved in this project from the very beginning — starting with the site selection process,” he says. The group soon found an unobstructed…