April | May 2013 Feature Articles

Perfect Accord

Written By Eliza Cross       Photography By David Patterson      

FOR MOST PEOPLE, THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE the exact home design, layout, features and finishes one desires is to build a custom house from the ground up. Mark and Polly Peterson were considering that option when they stopped to look at a home for sale in West Vail, Colorado, designed and built by Scott S. Turnipseed, AIA, an award-winning…


Seeing all sides

By Chase Reynolds Ewald      

THE HISTORY OF THE WEST HAS ALWAYS BEEN ONE OF EXPLORATION. And the history of Western art — from George Catlin’s documenting of Native American tribes to Thomas Moran’s paintings of the sublime landscapes of Yellowstone National Park — has always been closely linked to that same notion of exploration. Although the frontier has been declared closed for well over a century,…


Images of Crockett

Written By Toby Thompson      

AT 9 YEARS OLD I WORE A COON-SKIN CAP, fringed jacket, faux-leather britches and carried a muzzle-loading rifle. The flintlock was a broomstick fitted with cabinet latches, but the coonskin cap was real, ordered from a supply house that shipped 5,000 a day. I hummed “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” and might have been that boy standing in the 1955 “Your…


Of Substance and Light

Written By Isabelle Walker       Photography By Ciro Coelho      

SOMETIMES, PEOPLE AND PLACES COME TOGETHER IN JUST THE RIGHT WAY. Twelve years ago, when John Mike and Marsha Cohen asked a Santa Barbara hotel concierge to connect them with a real estate agent so they could explore buildable lots, a happy confluence of events was set in motion. The couple was soon standing in a grove of eucalyptus trees, high…


Let Icons Be Icons

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

R. TOM GILLEON'S WAR AND PEACE IS A NINE-STORY EPIC, an ennead that would make even Leo Tolstoy proud given the scope of its range. This visual tome, created by the painter who long ago adopted Montana as his home, covers a climactic sweep of Western indigenous history. Inculcated with symbolism, it sighs for a past that is no more, addresses…