April | May 2015 Feature Articles

Backdrop for Life

Photography By Lara Swimmer      

PERHAPS SURPRISING FOR AN ARCHITECT, but buildings are decidedly not at the center of Rex Hohlbein’s career. Sure, he’s a design geek. And, yes, he speaks passionately about materials. But for Hohlbein, the best part of any project is guiding owners through the process of design. “That’s the wonderful thing about architecture. You not only get this house but you get…


Through Wild Rock

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

ONCE UPON A TIME, a foggy, atmospheric morning that Thomas Quinn pegs to be about 15 years ago, he and American stone carver Tony Angell left Seattle bound for the shadowy interior of a rainforest. In the middle of the Pacific Northwest, they arrived at a grass-covered clearing, clustered with cars and pickups. The scene had the ready appearance, Quinn says, of a clandestine…


Loud, Free and Ever More Beautiful

Written By Elizabeth Murray      

"IT TOOK ME FOUR YEARS TO PAINT LIKE RAPHAEL, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” — Pablo Picasso  Citing the words of Picasso, Mark English strives each day to paint like a child — with freedom and abandon. For someone with more than 50 years of award-winning illustration and fine art experience, this can prove to be a…


A Painterly Oasis: As Concrete as the Clouds

Written By Lydia E. Plunk       Photography By Gene Sasse      

CAPISTRANO BEACH IS A QUIET RESIDENTIAL ENCLAVE a short drive south of Orange County, California’s historic Mission San Juan Capistrano, celebrated for the ritual return of migrating swallows. It is also home to the painterly oasis created by Spanish-born painter Maria del Carmen Calvo and her husband, retired cardiologist Dr. Walter L. Henry. Past the bend in the road, two knee-high rows…