April | May 2016 Feature Articles

A Family Refuge

Written By Corinne Garcia       Photography By Roger Wade      

TODAY, IT'S NOT UNCOMMON FOR FAMILIES to live across the country — or the world for that matter — with gatherings that are few and far between. Russell and Glenda Gordy, of Houston, Texas, wanted to make sure this was not the case. They created a venue for regular family gatherings — a compound of sorts where, aside from hunting…


Cowboy Artist of Skyscapes

Written By Christy Nielson      

IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO MEET painter Phil Bob Borman in person, he will likely greet you with an enthusiastic, “Howdy!” A native of the Lone Star State who makes his home in the Texas Hill Country, Borman is a lifelong fan of Will Rogers and considers himself a humorist. “I’m so stinkin’ Texan, I got two first names, we…


For the Love of Land, Mark and Jerri Lisk

Written By Carrie Scozzaro      

COMPARISONS TO ALFRED STIEGLITZ AND GEORGIA O'KEEFFE are not lost on Mark and Jerri Lisk. The couple, a photographer and painter respectively, share a dedication to creativity that’s central to their art, gallery ownership and marriage of 20 years.  “I do love [O’Keeffe’s] passion,” says Jerri, noting that Mark’s photography is more akin to that of Ansel Adams than Stieglitz.  Similar…


Dwelling in the Thin Spaces

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

KATHRYN MAPES TURNER IS STIMULATED BY the boundaries of evanescence. Her elegant work often explores edges found between the physical here-and-now in nature and what shamans reverentially call otherworldly dimensions. Even if we don’t see them, she says, they are there; what we must do is open our minds. While this may sound New Agey, Turner isn’t that kind of painter.…


Hillside Haven

Written By Eliza Cross       Photography By Joe Fletcher      

IN A MOUNTAIN RANGE ABOVE THE CALIFORNIA COASTLINE, a low-profile home hugs the hilly terrain within the unspoiled confines of the Santa Lucia Preserve. As one of just 300 residences scattered throughout the preserve’s 20,000 acres, the contemporary structure is surrounded by ancient trees, native grasses and colorful wildflowers. “Some years ago the homeowner saw a magazine article featuring another home…