August | September 2013 Feature Articles

Back From the Beyond

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

FOR AN ARTIST WHO WANTS A PLACE IN ART HISTORY, courting risk and leaving safety nets behind are not options. Indeed, in retrospect, they are what separate the sublime and memorable from the wear of the mundane and ultimately, the forgotten. Today, Tim Shinabarger is leading us out on the ledge of a precipice. Three bighorn sheep rams straddle an…


Native Treasures

Written By Isabelle Walker       Photography By Grey Crawford      

MOST SPANISH-MEXICAN STYLE HOMES ARE ENTERED through a courtyard and Los Arcos, Bob and Lora Sandroni’s Santaluz residence, is no exception. Dark, earth-colored stucco walls, a gurgling fountain and antique wrought-iron cande-labra signal something quieter and more authentic than what is usually encountered in the sun-drenched hills around San Diego. At the back of the courtyard, glass-paned doors lead to a…


See Everything

Written By Vanessa Chang      

IN 1962, VALOY EATON WAS IN TROUBLE. The BYU graduate had earned a bachelor of arts and was happily married to his small-town sweetheart, Ellie. He had the steady paycheck of a teaching job. To unwind, he would play golf and basketball, as befitting someone of his naturally athletic, 6-foot-3-inch frame. His family was growing. To the average person, life was…


Something of Value

You’ve never seen anything on a piece of furniture like the lone black leg that slashes through the slablike surface of John Shinneman’s wall desk and arcs to the floor — no, wait, you have seen it, just not as furniture. Shinneman went to a ton of trouble on the chance that it could trigger an innate memory, something that looks…


Montana Modern

Written By Christine Phillips       Photography By Gibeon Photography      

NESTLED OFF BIG MOUNTAIN ROAD, in Whitefish, Montana, Haley’s Hideaway is a compact, two-bedroom home that measures a modest 2,500 square feet. A striking alternative to the region’s larger, traditional timber homes and antler-and-plaid-clad interiors, the house’s minimalistic, modern vibe is extraor-dinary and different. Its contemporary design complements, rather than clashes, with its environment. It’s what some like to call,…


The Phyllis Shafer Experience

Written By Richard Polsky      

I USED TO THINK IF I SAW ONE MORE SOUTHWESTERN LANDSCAPE, I’d go crazy. Then I came across my first Phyllis Shafer painting. Landscape painters strive to create a mood through a sense of place. Works can conjure awe, like viewing a majestic Albert Bierstadt painting of the Yosemite Valley or a Thomas Moran romantic sunset over the Hudson River. By…