August | September 2015 Feature Articles

Inside Indian Market

Written By Marilyn Bauer      

EVERY YEAR AT THE END OF AUGUST when the sun is warm and the light is golden, Santa Fe, New Mexico, hosts the largest juried Indian Market in the world. Thoroughfares lead like spokes of a wagon wheel to the central square where performances of traditional music and dance provide an authentic background to the comings and goings of turquoise-clad visitors.…


Casa de San Juan

Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Daniel Nadelbach      

FOR FORTY YEARS, Joe and Gayle Curtis dreamed of having a true Santa Fe hacienda. They lived on the High Plains of West Texas where vineyards are staking their claim to the land amongst the oil fields and drilling rigs. Now, the couple is staking their own claim in Santa Fe with sweeping views of the Sangre de Cristo Range…


Finding his own Way

Written By Shari Morrison      

IN THE WORLD OF ART, there are artists who paint, those who etch, those who create their art in clay and transform it into bronze, and those who sculpt directly into their material, whether marble or wood. But few artists create their masterpieces by sculpting with leather as their medium. Chan Liu-Miao, from Taipei, Taiwan, has taken the art of…


Plain Hard Work

Written By James H. Nottage      

ALTHOUGH THE TEXTURES AND COLORS THAT MAKE UP a George Hallmark composition are created in his Meridian, Texas, studio — with Utrecht oil paint applied to linen using both his palette knife and nylon brushes — they reflect a world beyond his four walls, places he has seen in Mexico, the American Southwest and across Europe. His painted scenes intrigue the…


Return of the Iconoclast

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

DON KINGSWOOD HAS SPENT MOST OF HIS EXSISTENCE in search of a deeper spiritual connection to birds, mammals and the diversity of species on earth, but he is loath to embrace the pat label of “wildlife artist.” He isn’t a chronicler, an illustrator or a depicter. Compared to his contemporaries, Kingswood is considered an enigma, a nonconformist and a defiant iconoclast…


The Contemporary West in Harmony

Written By Christine Rogel      

THE BLESSINGS' ART STUDIO IS RARELY QUIET. As two visual artists who began their creative pursuits as musicians, there is usually music playing — sometimes opera, other times jazz or bluegrass. Most genres, in fact, mix with conversation over the invading smell of linseed oil.  “The parallels between these two artistic forms are just everywhere and I see new ones…


Rustic Modern in Jackson Hole

By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Audrey Hall      

AS A REFUGE FOR RUSTICATORS OVER THE PAST CENTURY, Jackson Hole is populated with an eclectic array of log cabins, reclaimed timber structures, renovated barns, funky alternative dwellings and Modernist glass aeries. All are fitting expressions — each in its own way — of the Western experience, and an appropriate response to one of the world’s most iconic mountian settings. Indeed…