August | September 2016 Feature Articles

Beyond Skin Deep

Written By Rosemary Carstens      

THIS SPRING, A CROWD GATHERED at Sotheby’s New York City auction house for its Contemporary sale. Two Studies for a Self-Portrait, by figurative painter Francis Bacon [1909–1992], drew special attention. After rapid-fire bidding, the 1970 painting (with an estimated value of $20 to $30 million) hammered at a final price of $34.9 million. The intense interest in this work stems partially…


Grounded in Nature

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

IN SIMON GUDGEON'S WILDLY STIMULATING SCULPTURES, there are often literal openings of space awaiting the viewer; keyholes that plunge through mass, inviting us to be transported from where we are to a deeper place of contemplation. In Search for Enlightenment — Gudgeon’s acclaimed monumental work that was publicly exhibited in London, not far from Tate Britain — the surrealist outlines…


Curated, Santa Fe Style

Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Daniel Nadelbach      

FOR 10 YEARS, JEFFREY GRACIANO AND TERRENCE MCELLIGOTT frequently traveled from their home in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, to the great Southwest. Along the way, they fell in love with “a wonderful little town” that felt “like a little European village.” It had so many things to love — from fine art and great restaurants, to delightful little shops and friendly people. And,…


Inspired by the Great Masters

Written By Laura Zuckerman      

“By depicting artworks in her compositions, Cortez underscores a classic paradox of painting: the painting as a ‘window’ into an imagined space and as a physical object — both a metaphysical presence and a material entity. Cortez chooses to utilize her talent for realism to illuminate the ordinary.” — Trailside Galleries IN A QUIET CORNER OF UPSTATE NEW YORK, Jenness…


The Horse in Art

Written By Corinne Garcia      

When painter Carol Spielman grew up in Washington’s San Juan Islands in the 1970s, horses were her main source of transportation. One afternoon, she and her friends rode bareback to the beach and right into the water. “We walked out about a half mile to where they couldn’t touch. The second they can’t touch they start to swim, and you…


Think Big: Live Small

Written By Sarah Chase Shaw       Photography By David Lauer      

RKD PRINCIPAL JACK SNOW WAS COMPLETING THE PLANS for a 6,000-square-foot home on a ranch in western Colorado when his clients put the brakes on the project. Despite Snow’s positive temperament, his disappointment was palpable.  “This was by far the most intriguing sculpture I’ve ever designed,” he says, describing a series of overlapping and irregular planes that formed the proposed roofline.…