December 2014 | January 2015 Feature Articles

Still Life as Story

Written By Rosemary Carstens      

HEATED DEBATES NEVER END ABOUT what’s “in” in the art world and what isn’t. One year the buzz is that Realism is coming back or fading away, that Abstraction is where the action is, or Pop art or color fields or drips and cubes, on and on. Yet over centuries it has proven to be excellence, inspiration and extraordinary passion that…


Pacific Jewel

Written By Laurie Morrison       Photography By Eric Figge      

A SHORT DRIVE FROM LOS ANGELES, Laguna Beach is one of many lovely stops along the California Coast. Artists, actors and celebrities are among the environmentally minded residents living in this stunning seaside town, its streets named for tangible bits of beauty: Agate, Pearl, Ruby and Diamond. Located in a small area called Woods Cove, a beachfront home sits on a…



STANELY NATCHEZ IS IN HIS SANTA FE STUDIO, getting ready for his 2014 Indian Market opening reception, when he announces, “There are a lot of people out there who can’t afford one of my paintings... so I’m going to give them one.” Natchez was in the process of silkscreening a stack of 9-by 12- inch canvases, in multiple colors, of the…


Animal Zen

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

IN THIS AGE OF SERIAL VISUAL BORROWING, creativity that often appears captive to market whims, and flatwork imagery that’s as likely to be birthed by a camera lens as conceived by the human brain and heart, true artistic originality can be difficult to come by. Thomas Quinn’s work has stood apart. For more than 45 years, Quinn’s animal painting has been nonpareil.…


Open Door to a Happy Ending

Written By Aimee White Beazley       Photography By Gibeon Photography      

"IT'S A SAD STORY WITH A HAPPY ENDING," says Avon, Colorado, architect Doug DeChant, of the three-story home he designed almost a decade ago in the Vail Valley for client Kevin Sharer. “I had done a home for Kevin and his then-wife, Carol, in 1998. Then they went through a sad divorce. When he left behind their first Vail home, he…