Fall | Winter 2010 Feature Articles

An Integrated Life

By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Laura Wilson      

THE BRIGHT LIGHTS OF THE DALLAS-FORT WORTH AREA yield to authentic Texas countryside not far west of the city. Within minutes of leaving the Forth Worth stockyards, the urban bric-a-brac of gas stations and convenience stores give way to open space, low hills and scrub. By the time you’ve crossed the Brazos River, a name associated with Charles Goodnight’s cattle drives…


Depth and Dimension

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

IT'S LITTLE WONDER THAT MOST OF GEORGE RIVERA'S ARTWORK captures so much movement that you can almost feel the subject of the sculpture or painting coming right at you. Rivera himself is a man constantly on the move. I’m not talking about the three marathons — San Diego, San Francisco and Boston — he ran in the past year. “I…


Cowboy Impressionism

Written By Charles Finn      

In the fall of 2009, Meredith Plesko, owner of Insight Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas, was unpacking a pair of paintings. Plesko, a sixth-generation Texan with long blond hair and a pleasant smile, had recently come back from the Prix de West, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s annual award banquet. The Prix de West is essentially the Academy Awards…


Nocturne Man

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

“You seldom regret what you don’t say when you refrain from adding another brushstroke.”  JOHN FELSING'S SAVORED PART OF THE DAY IS NIGHT, and by every indication he has grown ever more crepuscular and economical in his habits of seeing. When the sun melts away from the rural Midwest, Felsing has a penchant for wandering alone into the forests and…