Fall | Winter 2011 Feature Articles

A Yellowstone Charrette

Written By Todd Wilkinson       Photography By Audrey Hall      

ROOSEVELT ARCH MAY NOT COMMAND THE GLOBAL PROFILE OF, SAY, PARIS' ARC DE TRIOMPHE, Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate or London’s Wellington Arch. It may not radiate the same level of mystery as the threshold leading into Beijing’s Forbidden City or exude the ornate elegance of the Arch of Septimius Severus, part of the Roman Forum. But as a portal for Yellowstone, the…


Real Faith

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

HIS ART HAS BEEN CALLED "EMOTIONAL REALISM,” and for Gib Singleton, those emotions are real. “I’ve had hardships,” he says in his dining room at his home in Santa Fe, where he has lived for more than 35 years. “I’ve known some heartaches, but it did something. I use those heartaches to illustrate my work.” Singleton’s abstract sculptures can be…


Balanced Contradictions

Photography By Roger Wade       Written By Deb Gelet      

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO, IS NOTHING IF NOT A BALANCE OF CONTRADICTIONS. Rich and rustic. Refined and rough in the Rocky Mountains. Historic, yet hip.  With this in mind, one family found a way to maximize its personal ‘private Idaho’ experience while living within a stone’s throw of downtown Ketchum. They came to architect Jim McLaughlin and general contractor Gary Storey…


On the Ranch

Written By Eliza Cross       Photography By Heidi Long      

HE'S A RETIRED COMMERCIAL DEVELOPER who spent his career building warehouses, shopping centers and office buildings, but Bill Knoth clearly has the heart of an artist. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of architecture in harmony with its surroundings, he and wife, Pamm, have created a distinctive mountain home that reflects their shared passions, personalities and history. After two years of…


Native Pop

Written By Richard Polsky      

THE NAME FRITZ SCHOLDER is synonymous with Native American art. As a painter whose career overlapped the 1960s, and whose sensibility reflected the era’s zeitgeist, his work raised a provocative question: What happens when Native American art and Pop art intersect?  Scholder desperately wanted to be seen simply as an artist, free of being labeled an Indian artist. During the…


Bringing the West Home

Written By Carter G. Walker       Photography By Dan Forer      

BACK IN THE 1970s, Charles Weber made a point of traveling out West each winter in order to ski to his heart’s content. Somewhere along the way, he fell in love with more than the alpine geography of the West and gravitated toward the art that helped shape and continues to define the region. Instead of just bouncing from one…


Hidden Grace

Written By Seonaid B. Campbell      

IT'S 5:45 IN THE MORNING when artist September Vhay and I drive north up Jackson Hole to the Triangle X Guest Ranch, where she will photograph a herd of grays, sorrels, bays, paints, palominos, black and white horses as they are wrangled from the river bottom across Highway 89 to the ranch. Dawn brightens the eastern sky, and Vhay, a painter,…