February | March 2012 Feature Articles

Redefining What’s Real

Written By Christene Meyers      

FOR ARTIST ED MELL, the world of plays and musicals is no competition for the theater of nature. “There is constant drama in the natural world,” says Mell. “It’s theater in the best sense of the word. I’ve been trying to capture it for years. What I hope I do is distill it, give it my own treatment, and make it…


Living With Art

Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Daniel Barsotti      

STEEPED IN HISTORY AND LORE, and nestled into the beauty of Santa Fe’s famous Canyon Road, the Nedra and Richard Matteucci residence is the quintessential adobe home. Set amidst galleries, the home itself contains a gallery of art and antiques that is worthy of a museum. From chairs made in the early 1900s by the chief of the Taos Pueblo for…


The Ties That Bind Us

Written By Laura Zuckerman      


High Country Haven

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Matthew Millman      


Len Chmiel

Written By Amy Scott      

TRANSLUCENT NEAON WANDS IS A PAINTING of an Aspen forest in Colorado, made in the early evening. Or is it? Dimly lit by the fading rays of the setting sun, Translucent Neon Wands defies most conventional landscape formula. Tree trunks are pushed up against the surface of the canvas from one side to the other, obliterating both the horizon and spatial depth. Color, or…


The Bird Man

Written By David Cabela      

A GREATER PRAIRIE CHICKEN INFLATES ITS NECK SAC and “booms” to call in a crowd of females. Water sprays from a mallard’s feet and tail feathers when it rises from a pond. A pair of secretary birds dance around a black mamba as they move in to stomp on their deadly prey. Moments like these fuel a passion Stefan Savides has…