February | March 2013 Feature Articles

Enduring Art

Written By Myrna Zanetell      

LEADING HIS TRIUMPHANT BAND OF WARRIORS out of a sun-drenched valley, a proud Crow chief astride his paint horse, shield in hand and lance raised above his head, embodies the strength and nobility of character that has become the hallmark of Roy Andersen’s boldly colorful Native American paintings. Entitled Great Bird Above is Kind, it is the evocative cover image…


The Beating Heart of Bronze

Written By Roger Naylor      

DAVE MCGARY'S SCULPTURES DO NOT HAVE A HEARTBEAT.  They do not draw breath. They are bronze, not flesh and bone. Although it’s difficult to be sure because of the staggering realism that he incorporates into his creations. McGary sculpts proud, historically authentic Native Americans. Sizes range from tabletop busts to large-scale monuments, yet all share the same unexpected depths of…


Double Vision

Written By Shari Morrison      

"IF I WOULD HAVE TOLD BUSTER MCCAIN I wanted to be an artist he would have had a heart attack!” Tucson artist Buck McCain recalls his father’s sentiments. But back then, it never occurred to the younger McCain that he would actually become an artist. Raised on a working ranch in Southern California, cowboying was his brand. As a fifth-generation cowboy, not only…


From the Ashes

Written By Laurel Delp       Photography By Eric Figge      

"IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S A FANCY PLACE,” Toni Alexander says of her home in Irvine Cove at the northern end of Laguna Beach. “It’s a place where people just want to take their shoes off. I want them to walk in the big pivot doorway and say, ‘Oh, it feels so good.’” In fact, the sprawling 5,800-square-foot house is a…


Black & Brown

Written By Rosemary Carstens      

FROM RIVER TO RIM, landscape artists Chris Brown and Elizabeth Black have lifelong familiarity with the Grand Canyon and its surrounding desert. Since meeting in the mid-1980s when both were Colorado River guides, the two have explored the West together by boat and on foot, carrying their art-making equipment to paint and photograph scenes of astounding natural beauty. “The Grand Canyon…


A Casual Air

Written By Vanessa Chang       Photography By Richard Springgate      

THERE ARE SOME HOME PROJECTS WHERE THE OWNER DICTATES every single detail. Where everything — from the overall design to the doorknobs — is a product of one vision. Kelly Ragsdale’s home was not such a project. In fact, to hear the Park City homeowner recount it, this was a collaborative effort undertaken by what he considers his dream team.…