February | March 2014 Feature Articles

A Work of Art from the Inside Out

Written By Shari Morrison      

COMFORTABLY NESTLED IN A HILLSIDE above Santa Fe, New Mexico, at an elevation of 7,300 feet, sits the 7000-square-foot home of Scott and Rita Karns. The home reflects the combined efforts of the Karns, along with architect Howard Oxley of La Jolla, California, a specialist in creating modern homes with traditional comforts, and interior designer Barry Brukoff from Sausalito, California.  Scott…



Written By David M. Brown      

MORE THAN 50,000 VISITORS WORLDWIDE are expected to view the work of 100 artists — 30 percent of whom create in traditional and non-traditional Western styles — at the annual Celebration of Fine Art (CFA), this year from January well into March.  Colorado’s James Ayers will bring his well-researched oil paintings of American Indian cultures to the 24th annual arts event.…


Buried Treasure

Written By Melissa Mylchreest       Photography By Heidi Long      

WHEN YOU ENISION A HIGH-END MONTANA HOME, what comes to mind? Perhaps a glorified log cabin. Perhaps Western-chic furnishings and dark living rooms. Rustic barnwood mantels above river-cobble fireplaces. Leather sofas and wrought-iron sconces. Sweeping vistas of distant peaks. Got an image in your head? Good. Now, take all of those ideas and throw them out the window. In an isolated valley…


A Class of his Own

Written By Laura Zuckerman      

UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE and unerring hand of artist Logan Maxwell Hagege, the deserts of the American Southwest come marching to life in a parade of angular images that capture the spare beauty of an arid landscape and of an ancient and enduring Native American culture shaped by the extremes of its environment.  There can be no missteps in the unyielding…


The Monumentalist

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

KENT ULLBERG SMILES BEHIND A snowy-white sailor’s beard and then, like a mariner ascending to the crow’s nest of a tall ship, he scales a wall of scaffolding that towers over his cavernous studio. Aloft and alone now in the rafters, his favorite symphonies by European composers filling the air, he inspects the shadowy undercarriage of a long-extinct behemoth. Running calloused…