February | March 2016 Feature Articles

A Voice in Stone

Written By Michele Corriel       By Mia & Alberto Dominguez, Artez Photography Corporation      

WAVES OF STONE SPIRAL WITH COLOR, patterned and stacked, evoking both the natural world and the otherworldly. The rocks are laid so that each storied piece becomes a wandering step in a journey that always finds its way home. These are the walls, the sacred totems, of Andreas and Naomi Kunert who, together, with an almost fairy-tale magic, spin rocks…


Born Storyteller

Written By Richard Polsky      

I STOOD IN THE WHITETHORNE KITCHEN, eating fry bread and honey. The autumn sun, cool and honeyed itself, spilled onto the countertops. It had been a hectic morning for Baje Whitethorne Sr., his wife, Priscilla, their son, Baje Jr., and 4-year-old granddaughter, Memphis. The house was full. A film crew was setting up cameras to interview Baje Sr. for a…


Finding Home

Written By Johnny D. Boggs       Photography By Daniel Nadelbach      

"SOMETHING HIT ME RIGHT IN THE GUT,” says watercolorist Karen Bunkowski of her first visit to Galisteo, New Mexico, a village about 25 miles due south of Santa Fe, some 20 years ago. “I thought, ‘This is it. This is where I’m supposed to be.’” For years, Karen and her husband, Ken, who builds carbon-fiber plants across the world for…


Modern with Mountains

Written By Laurel Delp       Photography By Mark Davidson      

THE CLIENT CAME TO FRANK STOLZ from a referral. Stolz, of South Coast Architects in Newport Beach, had designed a stunning, period-correct 10,000-square-foot Tuscan mansion — complete with tower — beside the golf course at the posh Madison Club in La Quinta, a small town in the Coachella Valley east of Palm Springs, California, that’s been called the golf capital of…


Beauty in the Beasts

Written By Christy Nielson      

MICK DOELLINGER HAS BEEN SCULPTING animals for 35 years. “From the time I was a little kid, I’ve been crazy about animals,” he says of the lifelong fascination that fuels his artistic creativity. “I was nuts about dogs, horses, pigeons, ferrets and rabbits — I brought home all sorts of strays. I was kind of extreme and drove my parents nuts!”…


Bending Genres

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

WHEN BRETT JAMES SMITH BEGAN CREATING “Indian pictures,” he gave serious thought to possibly signing the surfaces with a pseudonym. It wasn’t that Smith lacked confidence in unveiling the new works — he hadn’t been more energized in years. He had no hidden agendas and, most certainly, it wasn’t that he wanted to be dissociated with such enigmatic expressions of contemporary…