June | July 2012 Feature Articles

Perfectly Elemental

Written By Laurel Delp       Photography By David Glomb      

THE DECK HOUSE IN RANCHO MIRAGE is Palm Springs-based designer Sam Cardella’s latest project, a stunning remodel of a home with golf course views. Cardella worked closely with his client, a former designer herself, to strip away what he describes as having been “a lot of late ’70s architectural nonsense, like ‘Miami Vice’ in the desert.” Cardella set about taking…


Exuberance of Spirit

Written By Gussie Fauntleroy      

NEW MEXICO PAINTER LOUISA MCELWAIN acknowledges that at least one of her early art professors considered her “unteachable” — but that was because what they wanted to teach was not what she wanted to learn.  In the early 1970s, hip urban Modernism was all the cool rage in the art departments of the East Coast schools McElwain attended. But Louisa,…


William Haskell and Kim Wiggins

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

THEY JOKE THAT THEY FINISH EACH OTHER'S PAINTINGS. And, in truth, fine-art painters William Haskell and Kim Wiggins assist each other all the time. You might see similarities when Manitou Galleries’ Santa Fe location debuts Western Regionalism on July 6, a show featuring new works from these two artists. Not only do the two friends show at Manitou, which has…


Alla Prima

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

IN THE SUMMER OF 2011, Ewoud de Groot and his friend, the piscatorial painter Jeb Todd, were fly fishing Montana’s Shields River, a sweet meander of cobbled troutwater flowing off the southwestern corner of the Crazy Mountains.  “We were in the countryside, with our waders on, and there, perched before us in the middle of nowhere, was Batman,” the Dutch…


Living in the Details

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Roger Wade      

WITHIN JERRY AND KARI LOCATI'S MONTANA HOME there is a place for everything. From the prominent entry gate, to the generous expanse of front door and on to the way in which the elegant interiors seamlessly connect to the outdoor areas, it is a gracious home touched with exquisite detail. For a couple who loves entertaining and recreation, this is…


Infused with Energy

Written By Jenna Vandenberg      

TO SAY THAT GAIL FOLWELL'S PIECES represent the yin and yang of human experience would leave a lot out. Her work is the yin and yang and every possible shape and shade of gray in between. In her Boulder, Colorado, studio, a sculpture of hockey players crashing sits comfortably among horses, angels and mothers. Behind them are paintings of teenagers. An…