June | July 2013 Feature Articles


Written By Sherri Koones      

While the term “prefabricated construction” still conjures up images of boxy doublewides and unappealing modulars, a new breed of designers is transforming the industry and infusing it with style. As the construction practices become even more sophisticated and the structures more energy efficient, the options for everything from floorplans to materials have increased dramatically thanks to companies like Method Homes, Stillwater…


The Ferus years

Written By Richard Polsky      

The rumors about New York not taking the Los Angeles art scene seriously have always been true, with one exception — the Ferus Gallery. Until a recent slew of books appeared on the subject, the gallery’s accomplishments had been tucked away as ancient folklore. Stories about the Ferus years were swapped among local artists as if they had happened centuries…


Wall Drug: A Love story

Written By Christopher Fine       Photography By Myriam Moran      

"MAKO SICA," OR "BAD LAND," is what the Lakota people called the desolate buttes and geological formations in southwestern South Dakota. Water is hard to find and travel is difficult. Early peoples of the area hunted bison that lived on the plains and prairies. Officially designated a national monument in 1939 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Badlands became a national park…


Spanish Vernacular

Written By Isabelle Walker      

In the town of La Quinta, California, 25 miles east of Palm Springs, people build homes that can stand up to the surroundings — miles of uninterrupted horizon, dry, craggy mountains and a vast blue sky blanketing everything. Huge great rooms that melt into prodigious covered patios with cooling pools and views of the Coachella Valley are the norm. 


Landscape Traditions

Written By Shari Morrison      

Known by his peers as a “master of the Grand Canyon,” Curt Walters didn’t arrive at that title painting just the Grand Canyon. That he has a passion for one of the world’s natural wonders is no surprise; it’s practically in his back yard. For Walters, who lives in Sedona, Arizona, where the red rock formations come to life at…



Written By Todd Wilkinson      

More than 20 years ago, on the first morning I ever interviewed Ted Turner, the famous “media mogul” was in the nascent stage of assuming a new identity: Western “bison baron.” Turner, the pioneering founder of 24-hour news, stood in front of a plate-glass window and directed my attention toward a distant green pasture at his Flying D Ranch in Montana.…