June | July 2014 Feature Articles

Tribal Influence

Written By Isabelle Walker      

IF IT WEREN'T FOR THE GIANT CANVASES and easel in Z.S. Liang’s studio, one might mistake it for a small natural history museum. The stuff of Native American people and their long-ago lives is everywhere. Badger and skunk skins hang on the wall below the beaded shirt of a tribal chief. A quiver (full of feather-tipped arrows) wrapped in mountain lion…


A Home to Honor the setting

Photography By Benjamin Benschneider      

Margaret Greene fell for the house before she even stepped in the front door. On the vacation-end of a business trip, she and her husband, Scotty Greene, had been on the San Juan Islands for a total of 36 hours before they found themselves with a real estate agent, driving to a place he said they simply must see. Pulling up…


Printing the Legend Around the World

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

BY THEM TIME I FINALLY CATCH UP with Melanie Yazzie — using a cellphone, of course — she’s walking through Denver International Airport on her way to baggage claim.  “I think Melanie has traveled as much as anybody that I know or I can think about,” says Glenn Green who, with wife Sandy and daughter Kerry, runs Glenn Green Galleries outside of…


All Season Architecture

Written By Carrie Scozzaro       Photography By Marie-Dominique Verdier      

THERE'S A SAYING IN NORTH IDAHO: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.” That’s especially true in the elevations and along lakefronts, where sun, wind and cold can be unforgiving, with summer highs of 100-plus degrees and winter lows of minus 37 recorded over the last 100 years.  “This is a western-facing lot,” says Tim Boden of the Sandpoint lakefront…