June | July 2014 Feature Articles

All Season Architecture

Written By Carrie Scozzaro       Photography By Marie-Dominique Verdier      

THERE'S A SAYING IN NORTH IDAHO: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.” That’s especially true in the elevations and along lakefronts, where sun, wind and cold can be unforgiving, with summer highs of 100-plus degrees and winter lows of minus 37 recorded over the last 100 years.  “This is a western-facing lot,” says Tim Boden of the Sandpoint lakefront…


Tribal Influence

Written By Isabelle Walker      

IF IT WEREN'T FOR THE GIANT CANVASES and easel in Z.S. Liang’s studio, one might mistake it for a small natural history museum. The stuff of Native American people and their long-ago lives is everywhere. Badger and skunk skins hang on the wall below the beaded shirt of a tribal chief. A quiver (full of feather-tipped arrows) wrapped in mountain lion…


A Home to Honor the setting

Photography By Benjamin Benschneider      

Margaret Greene fell for the house before she even stepped in the front door. On the vacation-end of a business trip, she and her husband, Scotty Greene, had been on the San Juan Islands for a total of 36 hours before they found themselves with a real estate agent, driving to a place he said they simply must see. Pulling up…


Printing the Legend Around the World

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

BY THEM TIME I FINALLY CATCH UP with Melanie Yazzie — using a cellphone, of course — she’s walking through Denver International Airport on her way to baggage claim.  “I think Melanie has traveled as much as anybody that I know or I can think about,” says Glenn Green who, with wife Sandy and daughter Kerry, runs Glenn Green Galleries outside of…