June | July 2015 Feature Articles

Round and Around

Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By David Cobb      

ON THE HIGH PLAINS OF TEXAS, oil fields and wind farms meet in the town of Pampa. Just outside the small town is an unusual home known locally as the “Round House.” It's tall Texas limestone chimneys make their way skyward, and a free-floating staircase leading to the upper deck could be imagined as a stairway to heaven.


Eyeing Beauty

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

ARTISTS BY NATURE CAN BE TEMPERAMENTAL, tormented souls. Some are fraught with gigantic egos and breathtaking insecurities. Some crave attention and suffer manic bouts of highs and lows in their exploration of light and shadow. Some pander to the market and hire PR people to “brand” them, yet lose them grounding essence of who they really are. Not Milo “Skip” Whitcomb.…


A Legacy Preserved

Written By Robert Kaufman       Photography By Matthew Millman      

TO APPRECIATE THE REMOTENESS OF THE SANTA LUCIA PRESERVE, consider that a thousand years had passed after humans first inhabited the Monterey Peninsula before this land was discovered by the Rumsen Indians. Given a modern-day perspective, bear in mind that the stone-wall gate to this community in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains is only three miles from the…


From Field to Fine Art

Written By Rosemary Carstens      

Getting out in the field is so important to me,” says wildlife sculptor and photographer Pete Zaluzec. His frequent travels to record his subjects in their natural habitat form the inspirational foundation of his artwork. A recent adventure to photograph wild mustangs in a remote area of the Utah desert required setting out before daybreak. As he hammered along bare traces of hardpan roads in his specially outfitted F-150, stirring…


Spirit on Canvas

Written By Jim Winnerman      

"I give my paintings away,” says contemporary painter of Native Americans Jim Nelson. “I sell the spirit I paint into each piece.” The comment may seem unusual, but to anyone who knows Nelson, agreement is unanimous. The vivid color he utilizes, the patterns and symbols he incorporates into a piece, and even the direction a subject faces has a spiritual…