June | July 2016 Feature Articles

Entering George Carlson’s State of Wonder

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

IF GEORGE CARLSON HAD BEEN KEEPING FIELD NOTES in his shirt pocket — hand scrawled in pencil, referencing variations in color, tone, value, light and pattern — his method when hiking solo into the “channeled scablands” of the Pacific Northwest — the morning in question, which unfolded from the doorway of his red Swedish-style farmhouse in Idaho, might have been…


A Philosopher’s Palette

Written By Rosemary Carstens      

I BELIEVE THE BEST ART comes out of deliberate practice and discipline mixed with a willingness to trust yourself as an artist and a human being,” states Utah artist Bradford Overton. In his richly detailed paintings, we discover he is a master of mystery and a weaver of spells as he explores beauty and narrative with original style. Overton has…


Leaving a Legacy

Written By Helen Thompson       Photography By Dror Baldinger      

WHEN MY HUSBAND AND I DECIDED TO BUILD THIS HOUSE,” says one of the homeowners about her native stone compound, “I didn’t want to do it.” The process of building would be time-consuming and interrupt her flourishing professional obligations. But fate has a way of interfering in people’s lives. The couple — he is in the oil business and she…


Master of Light

Written By Nicole Borgenicht      

WITH A LOOSE, PAINTERLY STYLE, Mark Laguë conveys familiarity through a fog of abstraction. The artist directs our gaze with hard and soft edges, his compositions bring us somewhere concrete while the out-of-focus areas blur, fading into our imaginations. His work shares the sensation of a place or subject. By observing, we experience his dreamscape. “When looking for a relationship…


Painting the Parks

Written By David M. Brown      

Art is the child of Nature.                         — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow THE ARTS AND OUR NATIONAL PARKS have always mixed beautifully in our civil heritage. Well  before conservationist Stephen T. Mather, the founder and first director of the National Park Service (NPS), was appointed in 1917, others were crying…


The Art of the House

Written By Gussie Fauntleroy       Photography By Russell Abraham      

WHEN ARCHITECT ROBERT SWATT sat down with Nicole Vidalakis to discuss the home she had in mind for a hilltop property south of San Francisco, he was in for a few surprises. “I don’t want a house. I want an art installation that I happen to live in,” Vidalakis said. It didn’t need to be comfortable, she added; it was more…