June | July 2017 Feature Articles

Multicultural Modernism

Written By Carter G. Walker      

KHARLENE BOXENBAUM KNOWS WHAT SHE LIKES and she doesn’t mince words. “Unless horses are going in, I think garages are really terrible,” she says.  Suitably, the garage in her Beverly Hills home is underground, and unseen. A victory for the artist, the sacred over the profane. A contemporary painter and devotee of mid-century design, Boxenbaum was equally precise about what…


The Prix de West Creating New Traditions

Written By Myrna Zanetell      

IF THERE IS ONE COMMONALITY among Prix de West artists, it is that each of their sculptures and paintings tells a story that deepens and enriches the tradition of Western art. Some of these are historical in nature, others record vignettes of daily life, while many of the most touching are simply told by capturing the beauty of the natural world.…


Grounded in History

Written By Steve Winston      

TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY TAOS, NEW MEXICO, hardly seemed the type of place to spark an art revolution. It was a dusty, isolated, frontier outpost… in a territory that wasn’t even a state yet. Within just a few years, however, this sleepy old village metamorphosed into one of the greatest art towns in America. And Joseph Henry Sharp [1859–1953] and Eanger Irving Couse…


History’s Palette

Written By Rosemary Carstens      

TELEVISION TODAY BRINGS US ONE SERIES AFTER ANOTHER featuring forensic scientists solving crimes. But forensic science also plays an important role in solving mysteries in the art world. It can expose forgeries and reveal the fascinating methods of ancient masters and the rare and unusual pigments they used. An art materials repository, the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies is…


Architectural Artistry

Written By David M. Brown      

FOR THE SYMINGTON FAMILY, their home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, is the beginning of each day’s journey and the end. Here, they welcome the opportunities offered by the sunrise and the refuge of sunset.  John Symington is a hiker, and he and his wife, Marcella Billups Symington, envisioned their home as a celebration of their passions: heirloom antiques, artwork and…