October | November 2012 Feature Articles

Reflections in Glass

Written By Isabelle Walker       Photography By Tim Street-Porter      

Crossing the threshold of Jim and Diane Kahan’s Malibu home is a little like stepping onto a boat. From the entryway landing, you face a wall of glass stretching across the entire back of the house and offering up the shifting Pacific with such immediacy you can practically feel the spray of the waves.  While knockout homes with jaw-dropping views…


Motivation and Motif

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

William Berra paints historical subjects — Rome’s Temple of Saturn, old New Mexico churches, Italy’s Aragonese Castle, the Grand Canal of Venice, Montepulciano in Tuscany to name a few — but it isn’t the history that draws the Santa Fe plein air master to his subjects. It’s the here and now. “In a way, I think I’d rather see the Roman…


The Woolaroc Rises Again

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

MANY A FINE ART MUSEUM WOULD CONSIDER IT A MARKETING COUP to be labeled “one of America’s best-kept secrets.” But from his vantage in the pastoral Osage Hills of Oklahoma, Bob Fraser has heard the sentiment expressed so many times that he no longer embraces it as a compliment; instead, he and a determined group of Sooners are now aiming…


Desert Dream

Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Daniel Nadelbach      

THE LURE OF THE WEST captured Dan Klein and Robbyne Jones when they visited Santa Fe, New Mexico. The couple, living in the inner beltway of Washington, D.C., visited the city while on a business trip “out West,” studying places to which they might be interested in moving. The landscape, along with the interesting residents who live in Santa Fe,…


The Evolution of a Modern-Day Master

Written By Myrna Zanetell      

EMPHASIZING HIS PASSION FOR DEPICTING VIBRANT NARRATIVES WITH A TOUCH OF HISTORY, Andy Thomas chose as the title of his newest coffee-table book, The West in Action.  Ironically, however, the volume’s cover image, Hightail to Freedom, more accurately sums up a career forged by Thomas’ fiercely independent spirit. When it comes to personal choices, the 54-year-old self-taught artist most decidedly…


Rik Allen’s Rockets

Written By Lawrence W. Cheek      

Rik Allen is 6-foot-8, 45 years old and talks in a burnished, resonant baritone, and thus is unlikely to be mistaken for a kid, were it not for the overwhelming evidence to the contrary erupting all around him in his studio. Rockets are everywhere. Bulletlike rockets, squid-like rockets, rockets that look like flying eyeballs and rockets that appear to have…