October | November 2014 Feature Articles

Mountain Modern

Photography By Vance Fox      

TAHOE IS A CONCEPT BOTH GENERAL AND SPECIFIC. It’s a region known as a jumping - off point for the Sierra backcountry; it’s a term referring collectively to its world - class ski resorts. Most simply, it’s a high - elevation lake known for the purity of its water. As far as the Tahoe lifestyle, however, there are generally only two…


Scouting the Terrain Ahead

Written By Daniel Gibson       Photography By Kitty Leaken      

I SEE MYSELF AS A ROMANTIC and feel as if I am a recorder or historian of some sort. I do a lot of experimentation in my work, but I want people, when they see it, to recognize it and know it is a part of this country and the Northern Plains Indian culture.” Crow Indian artist Kevin Red Star is dedicated,…


East Meets West

Written By Christy Nielson      

"I WAS JUST BLOWN AWAY WITH XIANG'S ABILITY and his talent, not to mention the fact that he came from a different culture completely,” marvels Chris McLarry, owner of McLarry Fine Art, when asked what drew him to Chinese-born Western artist Xiang Zhang (pronounced Shong Zang) when they first started working together 20 years ago. “I can’t imagine a guy…


High on Austin

Photography By Casey Dunn       Written By Helen Thompson      

Adesire to make the change of address full - time, and when an adjacent two - bedroom, 3,000 - square - foot condo was listed, they snatched it up. “This was a chance for us to create a much bigger space that we could share with others,” says the wife. Austin, Texas, has been on a roll, bewitching visitors eager…


California Clay

Written By Laurel Delp      

IN THE 1930s, AS THE NATIONAL SANK INTO THE GREAT DEPRESSION, California potteries suddenly began producing lines of affordable, sturdy tableware in exuberant, carefree colors that seemed to defy the general mood. They were met with tremendous success: People fell in love with the colors and the way they could be mixed and matched. Led by J.A. Bauer Pottery — which began manufacturing the…


Forging a Creative Life

Written By Gussie Fauntleroy      

For the creative mind, almost anything can be the gentle kick that sets a ball rolling into new and unexpected territory. For Colorado - based sculptor James Vilona, one of those kicks was waking up one morning about 15 years ago to discover that his wife had relocated all his minerals and fossils out of the house and into the barn.…