October | November 2015 Feature Articles

Modern Love

Written By Helen Thompson       Photography By Ryann Ford      

SAN ANTONIO-BASED ARCHITECT JIM POTEET is a confirmed Modernist. Many of his best-known residences — such as the all-white loft for the late art collector Linda Pace and a party-hearty home for art patrons Travis Capps and Lee Anthony — easily prove it. With open floorplans, visible structure, lines free of embellishment and access to lots of light, the projects are…


A Way of Seeing

Written By Christy Nielson      

LAURA WILSON IS BLACK AND WHITE ABOUT ARTISTIC IMPETUS. “I photographed what interested me,” she says. “I was drawn to people who live in an enclosed world. I was curious about these groups, and I wanted to know more.” Click.  Fueled by curiosity, Wilson has established her own visual definition of the West through a variety of images that recognize…


Grand Elevation

Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Gibeon Photography      

SITTING AT 9,820 FEET AND SURROUNDED BY SHIMMERING ASPEN TREES, the Gould residence overlooks the San Miguel Range and its crown jewel, the 14,250-foot Mount Wilson, near Telluride, Colorado.  Beautiful in its simplicity and sophistication, the 2,200-square-foot home redefines the mountain cabin in modern terms by blending traditional aspects of regional design with contemporary elements. The home doesn’t take its…


Alone in the Wild

Written By Nicole Borgenicht      

THE LURE OF WESTERN PAINTING AND LIFESTYLE has called to artists the world over, but unlike Frenchman Mark Maggiori, few have picked up their lives and moved across the ocean to live and paint inside that dream. Ensconced in an Arizona studio surrounded by mountains, modern-day cowboys and Western landscape, Maggiori developed the theme for his first solo show at Maxwell…


Western Ethereal

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

JIM MORGAN IS A FAULTLESS MASTER OF COY. His reserve isn’t a put-on the way it is for some; it’s intrinsic to his inconspicuous being.  Morgan inhabits a headspace that is constantly adrift in the unspoken language of landscape. And when, at last, after several attempts to draw him out prove unsuccessful, he finally acquiesces to his interrogator with a response…