Spring | Summer 2010 Feature Articles

Camp Run-a-muk

By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Matthew Millman      

RICHARD AND MARDI BRAYTON HAD BEEN LONGTIME VISITORS TO INVERNESS, a tiny costal hamlet in northern California, before they purchased land there. And they owned their property for several years before they considered doing anything to alter it. What drew them to the area was its unspoiled natural wonders, its feeling of timelessness and its sense of community. When it…


Cowgirls & Indians

By Chase Reynolds Ewald      

THE GILCREASE MUSEUM, founded by oilman Thomas Gilcrease in 1949 and set on 460 scenic acres just northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is caretaker to one of the finest collections of Western art and artifacts in the world. Its more than 300,000 paintings, artworks, artifacts, journals, books, documents and maps detail the arc of natural and human history in the American…


Artistic Evolution: A Daughter’s Perspective

ART IS A REFLECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT in which it is produced,” my father has said. Whether an observation or more of a credo, it is a belief by which he has lived. My father, artist Theodore Waddell, is, and always has been, inspired by the varied landscape in which he lives. These days his environment shifts as he splits…


Architecture Through a Different Lens

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

DWELLING AT AN OLD FARMSTEAD FOR THREE MONTHS and using a converted henhouse as a design space, participants in the Artemis Institute’s “Remote Studio” are directed to erase any preconceptions they have about whatever career trajectory brought them to Paradise Valley. Instead of thinking about how they might become famous erecting skyscrapers or the next multi-million-dollar McMansion, they ascend to…


Western Art’s Eastern Roots

LONG BEFORE GLOSSY BROCHURES, camera phones and Google image searches, there were artists who forged the American West to capture its vast expanses, mountainous grandeur and native inhabitants. These early explorer artists — often commissioned by the military or private exploration parties — ventured into uncharted territory throughout the mid- to late-19th century, and returned to the East with depictions…