Spring | Summer 2008 Feature Articles

Master of the Masters

By Chase Reynolds Ewald      

IN 1998, WHEN THE TRUSTEES OF THE AUTRY NATIONAL CENTER decided to establish an award “to recognize an individual for his or her advancement of contemporary Western art,” there was only one obvious candidate for the first year’s award. John Geraghty, a retired executive in southern California, had already shown an extraordinary commitment to Western artists, to Western art museums and…


Turning Straw into Gold

Photography By Audrey Hall      

GOLD, THE FIRST METAL WIDELY KNOWN TO OUR SPECIES, has long been associated with gods and immortality. But in New Mexico during the 1700s, intricate leafing and gold facings were absent from most places of worship. The gleaming precious metal was a rare commodity and not easily transported. The use of gold was strictly controlled, and artisans had to find…


A House Like a Buffalo

Written By Charles Finn      

WHEN I THINK OF WESTERN ARCHITECTURE, I think of bison — old as stone, solid as a foundation, monumental in the face of everything. I think of the landscape, the whole improbable overbite of the Grand Tetons, or Montana, all that famous sky hanging over it, weather as roof. Along more traditional lines, I think of the teepee, circular as…


Artful Living

To some homes, art is an accessory; to others, it is architecture, with elaborate beams, spiraling stairwells and complex design parameters. For the Lord family retreat in Truckee, California, art is comfort. It’s a manifestation of ideals — and an expression of their family — bundled into sculptures, paintings and mixed media. Perched on a corner lot in the Lahontan…


Love’s Labors… Gained

Written By Deb Gelet      

VISITING JANE STURDIVANT'S GARDEN, it becomes apparent that this place is loved. Deeply. Between the staccato sounds of snipping and raking, gentle murmurs between Jane and her longtime head gardener, Lynn Clarke, detail the subtle daily changes. Friends and family all have a favorite story related to this special place; everyone feels a bit of ownership. Perhaps it is that…


Artful Conservationist

, Wyland is a man with a big message and an even bigger medium. For the last 25 years, the 51-year-old artist, who goes by his surname, has showcased the beauty of ocean creatures on traffic-stopping murals around the world. Wyland-rendered sea turtles, dolphins, manatees, rays, sharks and whales have made their way onto buildings, boats, trains and planes in…


Clyfford Still: A Western Painter?

BECAUSE HE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST PAINTERS, Clyfford Still most often is considered an artist of the New York School. It was in New York in the 1950s where abstract expressionists such as Still, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline thrilled the art world and changed popular culture with their revolutionary work and…


Man & Nature Under One Roof

Written By Seonaid B. Campbell      

"THERE IS NOTHING SO AMERICAN AS OUR NATIONAL PARKS,” said President Franklin D. Roosevelt. And there is no American mountain range so iconic as the Tetons. Rising 7,000 feet above the valley floor, the Tetons’ jagged silhouette inspires awe in legions of visitors each year. The Tetons are our mountains, protected as they are within Grand Teton National Park (GTNP).…