Spring | Summer 2011 Feature Articles

Sparkle and Light in San Antonio

Written By Amy Lemen      

SOME HOUSES MERELY EXIST, while others sparkle with light and reflect the person who lives there — staying true to the owner’s taste and style. There’s a house in north San Antonio, in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, that embodies that concept — and takes it even further to create an oasis that also glimmers with style. Designed…


Sustaining Vision

Written By Richard Polsky      

MY NECK CRANES UPWARD AT THE NIGHTTIME SKY; I’m staring at an overwhelming amalgam of stars better known as the Milky Way. As my eyes turn away, and my focus returns, I realize I’m back in the moment. Which isn’t necessarily such a bad thing — I’m Bill Anton’s guest at his extraordinary Prescott, Arizona, home at the base of Granite Mountain. …


Christopher Blossom’s Ship Comes In

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

SAILS FILLED AT FULL BLOW, the good ship Benjamin F. Packard pitches and yaws, charging toward shelter in San Francisco Bay. From halyards and baggywrinkle to bowsprit and transom — the tack of the water steed — every nuance of her history is insinuated.  Yet it is the spirit of the 1883 clipper, unshackled from exacting detail, that the viewer…


The Art of Progress

Written By Toby Thompson      

Whenever I tire of Washington’s political machinations, I walk eight blocks from Capitol Hill to the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum — a Greek Revival temple high above the Mall — where hang two portraits of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, each so vast as to transport one instantly to Wyoming. They are by Thomas Moran, an artist whose talent,…


No Looking Back

Written By Shari Morrison      

THE VENERABLE THOMAS GILCREASE MUSEUM IN TULSA, OKLAHOMA, is celebrating the life’s work of artist Veryl Goodnight with a 40-year retrospective, entitled Rendezvous, Artists’ Retrospective Exhibition and Art Sale. Opening April 14 and continuing through July 20, Goodnight will share the spotlight with Impressionist painter Curt Walters, as the Gilcrease continues the tradition of honoring a painter and sculptor. The…