Summer | Fall 2008 Feature Articles

All for Art

Written By Laurel Delp      

PHILANTHROPIST ELI BROAD TOOK THE PODIUM, a whimsical lectern of balloon-shaped, vivid metallic colors designed by artist Jeff Koons. It was one of those blue-skied, indelibly clear southern California winter days, and the Broad Contemporary Art Museum was being inaugurated as the newest addition to the 20-acre campus of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. “I believe Los Angeles…



THE COEUR D'ALENE ART AUCTION IS LIKE NO OTHER EVENT. The morning starts out innocently enough, with meetings and greetings over pastry and coffee. The assembled crowd of 900 includes easy-going Western art collectors, talented and famous artists, confident bidders and nonchalant gallery owners, all of whom stroll the room looking appreciatively at million-dollar paintings. But by 11:05 a.m. the…


Return to Home Ground

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

ALMOST A QUARTER-CENTURY AGO, TIM ALLEN LAWSON arrived in Jackson Hole, as many peripatetic young people do, seeking out Western communities with spectacular backdrops to pursue nebulous passions. He was no ski bum, however, nor river rat, nor trustfundafarian, nor refugee from the real world. For the native of Sheridan, Wyoming, who grew up in the shadow of the Big…


The Artisan Tradition

By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Audrey Hall      

WHEN JIM COVERT CAME TO CODY TO APPRENTICE AS A FURNITURE MAKER, he was married, had two kids and had been a woodworker for many years. Yet he moved from Kentucky to Wyoming on the strength of a handshake and set up house on the North Fork of the Shoshone River. Then, leaving his young family each Monday morning, he…


Painting the Essence

Written By Carleen Milburn       Photography By Amy Archer      

GREAT ART GROWS FROM A RESPECT … a love of experience. Nancy Bush’s passion for nature radiates from her art. She paints the essence of a scene — the ambiguities that capture the mystery of the natural world. Her landscapes are the epitome of English poet Robert Browning’s belief that “Less is more.” With a poetic economy of color and detail,…


Island Legacy

ORCAS ISLAND, PART OF THE SAN JUAN ARCHIPELAGO IN WASHINGTON'S PUGET SOUND, is a captivating destination that draws people in and holds them together. From rich conifer forests to rolling pastoral farmland, there is a freedom on the island as limitless as the vast waters that surround it — a spirit that cultivates the imagination of those who call it…


Brand of the West

Written By Carleen Milburn      

IT WAS A CHILLY MORNING IN AN OLD SONORA CANYON, November of 1964. Three Arizona cowboys shared a primitive cow camp with some vaqueros at a roundup south of the border. Warming their hands around tin cups of coffee, Charlie Dye, John Hampton and Joe Beeler swapped stories of horses and art over a campfire. A spark of an idea…