Summer | Fall 2009 Feature Articles

The Eitejorg Museum

Written By Myrna Zanetell      

MARK TWAIN ONCE ENTHUSED, "THE WEST IS AMERICA ... ONLY MORE SO.” Concurring with the inimitable author’s perception, perhaps the West can be most accurately defined as a collective history written by the conflict between indigenous peoples and a young nation’s response to the concept of Manifest Destiny; events that shaped us as a people and formed the foundation of…


Eagle’s Nest

Written By Lydia E. Plunk       Photography By Gene Sasse      

RIMMED BY TOWERING ROCK FORMATIONS OF STRATIFIED LAYERS of limestone and sandstone the landscape around Sedona, Arizona, is painted in oxidized tones of red and coral. The visual strength of vertical cliffs jutting up through the fragile landscape contrasts with white wisps of clouds drifting across a bright blue sky. The natural untamed ruggedness of the native landscape draws to it…


Art of Landscape

By Chase Reynolds Ewald      

TO CALL TOPHER DELANEY A LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT IS TO MISREPRESENT HER CALLING. She is an artist whose medium is landscape. She works with the natural world to heal, to teach, to illuminate, to surprise and to connect peoples’ lives to the natural world. For more than 30 years Delaney has been taking her cues from nature. Despite a landscape architecture…


The Environment Rules

ool, clean and mostly white. Smooth, gleaming walls in cool tones of white and Armani blue. Mercury glass and other accessories that shimmered like icicles, and of course, as a splurge, six (or eight) clear Plexi “Ghost” chairs by design darling Philippe Starck. Glass-topped tables — as slick as a skating rink — would anchor the great room. That was…


Unplugged and Unleashed

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

WE BELIEVE WE KNOW AN ARTIST BY THE TWANG IN THE VOICE, the 10-gallon hat on the head and the works based on things that are familiar. Sculptor T.D. Kelsey and painter Julie Oriet have earned praise for their authentic regional interpretations of the American West, in scenes of ranch life and rodeo, portrayals of wildlife and sketches of rural…


A Never Ending Palette

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

TAMMY GARCIA HAS MENTIONED A FEW TIMES THAT SHE WORKS OUT OF HER HOME. Yet that fact doesn’t quite register until she starts showing me around her workplace in the 6,000-square-foot house she shares with her husband, three daughters and two dogs in northeastern Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sketch pads cover the living room table where she’s working on designs for…