Summer | Fall 2010 Feature Articles

Casting for the Light

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

Anglers go to water to catch fish.  But no matter how many times we wet a line, invariably during the return home we realize that the miracle of our experience actually had very little to do with the quarry. It is the ever-changing medium fish inhabit that leaves us longing and mesmerized. Painter Michael Stidham revels in the bigger picture…


Nothing But Blue Skies

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

He grew up in Southern California, taught ceramics in Hawaii and spent 30 years making a name for himself as a printmaker in New Mexico on a journey that — perhaps surprisingly — has led Doug West to garner an international reputation as a Southwestern landscape painter. Not bad for a guy who didn’t try painting until his junior year…



Written By Michele Corriel       Written By Cathy Moser      

Oleg Stavrowsky recognizes that not everyone passionate about Western art finds meaning in his most recent paintings. He dedicates himself less and less to the visual truth of Realism. More and more he explores the illusory nature of both contemporary and historic Western subjects. Thus, when we view his newer canvases, we won’t see iconic Western figures presented in familiar settings.…


Sleight of Hand

Written By Laurel Delp      

Garrett Carlson had his way, landscape architects would be on board long before an architect is commissioned — a complete flip of the building process as it’s conducted now. These days, he explains, by the time landscape architects enter the picture, what they’re presented with is negative space. They inherit what’s left over when the architect is done. “A lot…