Summer | Fall 2011 Feature Articles

The Neutra Legacy

Written By Laurel Delp      

RICHARD NEUTRA HAD A REPUTATION FOR DROPPING IN ON THE HOUSES HE'D DESIGNED. In 1960, when the Topper family moved into the Lovell Health House with four boys, a girl, dogs and toys, he took to dropping by nearly daily to inquire plaintively, “Oh! Why don’t you sell the place?” Completed in 1929, the Lovell Health House was the spectacular…


The Return of Bill Schenck

Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

On the palette of Bill Schenck you will find the colors of Maynard Dixon, plenty of Sergio Leone, a touch of Andy Warhol, a blend of Anthony Mann and John Ford, the shadows of Ansel Adams, strokes of Ed Mell and Ingmar Bergman — and all of himself. Oil painter, photographer, Western film buff/critic/historian and cowboy, Schenck became a leader…


A Deliberate Artist

By Chase Reynolds Ewald      

DESPITE BEING A LIFELONG WANDERER, no one has stayed closer to home, literally, figuratively and emotionally, than Daniel Pinkham. A founder of the California Plein Air Society and the Portuguese Bend Artist Colony, Pinkham is an artist who is ever inspired by his surroundings. As a painter, Pinkham celebrates the new and the fresh within the familiar. Although he embarks…


Triangular Visions

Since time immemorial, the number three has held significant meaning across the disciplines. The Rule of Three is used in art, architecture and design. We find the number three in children’s stories: The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. From mythology to contemporary academics, the number three features prominently. Third time’s a charm.…