Winter | Spring 2010 Feature Articles

In Full Bloom

Written By Kathy Chin Leong      

LIKE A SPINNER PLYING YARN FROM SHEEP'S WOOL, a garden organically draws out the best from mankind: tenderness, inspiration, compassion, love. It is said that prisoners exposed to gardening rediscover peace and purpose while caring for the life essence found in seedlings and bulbs.  Every year, approximately 100,000 visitors find such tranquility at Filoli Center, a pristine 654-acre English garden…


Authenticity in Detail

A PAINTING HAUNTS MORGAN WEISTLING. IT'S NOT ON CANVAS. It’s pacing back and forth across his mind and has been there for 10 years. “I am frightened to bring it to the front because I know how incredibly painful it will be to pull it into reality, but I know that one day I must,” says Weistling in his Canyon…


Where the Wild Things Are

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Audrey Hall      

IN MONTANA THE ARCHITECTURAL LANGUAGE OF THE WEST IS THE HOMESTEAD. It’s tempting to recreate the nostalgia and romance of the cabin. Descriptives such as rustic, rugged and natural come to mind and sometimes overpower the sensibility of modern living.  Many an architect has imitated the area’s humble history; many a landowner has initiated a new home on the range…


Memory and Invention

Written By Allen Morris Jones      

IT CAN'T BE AN EASY THING, PAINTING LANDSCAPES IN THE WEST. Walk out the door, the subject matter’s already punching you in the nose. We know certain mountains as well as we know our own driveways. If you’re an artist, if your job is to bring something new to the familiar, to invest all these same old vistas with some…


Grandmother Weavers

Written By Carleen Milburn       Photography By Amy Archer      

THE BABY GIRL'S HANDS WERE CAREFULLY WRAPPED IN SPIDER WEBS as the Navajo blessing ceremony began. Firmly rubbing each little hand, the Medicine Man chanted pleas for Spider Woman to bless this baby with ... the gift of weaving.  When the Navajo baby grew into a young woman, she prepared for her Beauty Way ceremony — a four- to seven-day coming-of-age…