Winter | Spring 2011 Feature Articles

Opposites Attract: 1939 Sublette Residence

By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Matthew Millman      

ALTHOUGH LOCATED JUST MINUTES AWAY from their landmark Medicine Man Gallery and the bustle of downtown Tucson, Mark and Kathleen Sublette’s home is a throwback to the 1930s. Refreshingly human-scaled and sensitively tucked into the pristine landscape of a wildlife-rich hidden valley, their historic ranch home is a true refuge from the hectic pace of their 21st-century lifestyles. For Mark…


The New Wild Bunch

Written By Laura Zuckerman      

At the crossroads where representational art meets the almost abstract stand the rising stars of wildlife and sporting art. Across an array of differences in age, style and temperament, these artists share the sense, at once restful and exhilarating, that they are poised to come into their own — and the art world is watching. Brian Grimm Brian Grimm heard…


Artistry in Fashion

Written By Thea Marx      

FASHION HAS CLOSELY ECHOED TRENDS IN FINE ART since the latter half of the 19th century when famed French couturier Paul Poiret integrated the designs of the artists he admired and those who were his friends — Picasso, Matisse, Maurice Vlaminck — into his dress designs. He wove their bright colors and Impressionist styles into the fashions he created.  In…


Opposites Attract: Deer Valley Residence

Written By Vanessa Chang       Photography By Bryan Rowland      

Living in some of the busiest and most dangerous places in the world is part of the job if you’re an international correspondent for ABC News. Despite the nomadic patterns of his professional life, Bill Redeker managed to carve out a niche for himself, wherever he was.  To hear him tell it, in between his Emmy award-winning work and meeting…


Past in Present

Written By Vanessa Chang      

On one canvas, a vast and vibrant canyon meets a rushing train. It’s a painting, so it’s a quiet snapshot. But the colors, the strokes of the palette knife and the composition signal something far more vociferous — a vast, ancient silence meets the loud whistling declaration of modernity. On another huge stretch of canvas, the red — almost Martian…


The Space Between

Written By Charles Finn      

NOT LONG AGO, I secretly left a picture book of Gaylen Hansen’s paintings on a table in a small coffee shop where I live in Bend, Oregon. For reasons of my own, I wanted to see peoples’ reactions. Hansen is the 89-year-old Neo-Expressionist from Palouse, Washington, famous for his over-sized grasshoppers, incongruous ducks and dog heads, and a diminutive cowboy…