August | September 2014


Ones to Watch: Sculptor Carol Alleman Spotlighting the works of sculptor Carol Alleman Wanderings: Napa Valley, California Wine country embraces food, spas, wine and art with first-class flair Perspective: Bronze Visions of the West As the bronze casting process advanced, American artists used the medium to both capture the myth of the West and reflect its continual transformation Ones to Watch: Painter Deladier Almeida Spotlighting the works of painter Deladier Almeida Rendering: Outside the Box Jack Snow and Sally Brainerd of RKD Architects practice the art of the definitive Designing the West: Natural Sanctuaries Snake River interiors’ Elisa Chambers creates peaceful, harmonious homes inspired and grounded by the palettes, patterns, textures and traditions of their surroundings Ones to Watch: Painter Flavia Eckholm Spotlighting the works of painter Flavia Eckholm Ones to Watch: Painter Luke Stavrowsky Spotlighting the works of painter Luke Stavrowsky Collector’s Eye: Ann & Alan K. Simpson For the former U.S. Senator and his wife, art unites family and society Ones to Watch: Jeweler Jesse Monongye Spotlighting the works of jeweler Jesse Monongye Details: Things We Love From gemstone tile and exquisitely engraved shotguns to wooden beach cruisers, WA&A editors select their favorite objets d’art Collector’s Notebook: Weaving the Dance Early 20th-century Navajo Yei rugs can be artistic, soulful masterpieces and a real find for collectors Auction Block: Upbeat Tempo Premier pieces come to market and continue to drive American art sales Ones to Watch: Architect Aaron Kang-Crosby of Spore Architecture Spotlighting the works of architect Aaron Kang-Crosby of Spore Architecture In the Studio: Freedom on the Wing Sculptor Greg Woodard creates larger-than-life master works in a tiny Utah airport Western Landmark: La Fonda A remarkable remodel puts quirks, and art, back in front on Santa Fe's Plaza