October | November 2014


Wanderings: Sun Valley, Idaho Its glitzy history, natural beauty and cultural bounty make this mountain town a dreamy getaway Ones to Watch: Ironworker Ted Docteur Spotlighting the works of ironworker Ted Docteur Rendering: Texas Range Ones to Watch: Architect Nick Deaver Spotlighting the works of architect Nick Deaver Perspective: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Other Women The architect’s working relationships with some of his independent and strong-willed female clients affected his body of work in fascinating ways Details: Things We Love From uniquely designed cowboy hats and updated bankers’ lamps to quad micro bars, WA&A editors select their favorite objets d’art Collector’s Eye: Barbara LaFranchi, Jane Campbell and Betty Ballentine Three girlfriends knit hearts over their love for Napa Valley and for art In the Shadow of Magnitude Thanks to popularity during their lifetime and the enduring appeal of their subject matter, demand for work often outlives great artists such as Dave McGary and Gib Singleton Auction Block: Summer Sweep Auctions and events around the West show strong sales Collector’s Notebook: Responsive Design With an instinctive knack for knowing just what her clients will want, need and love, Slifer Designs’ Yvonne Jacobs creates comfortable, personal and richly layered interiors Ones to Watch: Painter Denise Lemaster Spotlighting the works of oil painter Denise Lemaster Western Landmark: Inn at the Presidio Built in 1889 and opened in 2013, Funston House adds intimate accommodations and a fabulous art collection to the Inn at the Presidio Ones to Watch: Ceramic Artist George McCauley Spotlighting the works of ceramic artist George McCauley In the Studio: Side by Side Designed to complement their 1960s home by famed designer Roger Rasbach, William Carrington and Caroline Korbell Carrington’s studio helps this dynamic duo to meet in the middle Ones to Watch: Sculptor Stephanie Revennaugh Spotlighting the works of sculptor Stephanie Revennaugh