A Painter of Place

Turning 30 with Andy Warhol

The Spirit of Old Taos

Creative Space

Welcome Home

This Land is Our Land

The Eyes Have It

Meeting in the Middle

On A Wing

Photographing The West She Knows and Loves

The Wild Enigma

Pictographs on the Pecos

Meditations on Winter

Leaving a Legacy

The Tribute

The Evolution of Taste

Organic by Nature

Meow Wolf’s The House of Eternal Return

Crossing Over

Attending to Nature

At Home on the Range


Casting for the Light

Sleight of Hand

Nothing But Blue Skies

Cowboy Impressionism

Depth and Dimension

Nocturne Man

An Integrated Life

Triangular Visions

The Return of Bill Schenck

The Neutra Legacy

A Deliberate Artist

The Horse in Art

Curated, Santa Fe Style

Inspired by the Great Masters

Grounded in Nature

Think Big: Live Small

Beyond Skin Deep

Native Pop

Real Faith

Hidden Grace

A Yellowstone Charrette

Bringing the West Home

Balanced Contradictions

On the Ranch

The Art of Progress

Sustaining Vision

No Looking Back

Christopher Blossom’s Ship Comes In

Sparkle and Light in San Antonio

Past in Present

The New Wild Bunch

The Space Between

Artistry in Fashion

Opposites Attract: 1939 Sublette Residence

Opposites Attract: Deer Valley Residence

Let Icons Be Icons

Of Substance and Light

The Evolution of a Modern-Day Master

The Woolaroc Rises Again

Desert Dream

Alla Prima

Exuberance of Spirit

Infused with Energy

William Haskell and Kim Wiggins

Living in the Details

Perfectly Elemental


Altered State

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

A West to Call His Own

Fluid Design

Old World Romance

Entering George Carlson’s State of Wonder

Painting the Parks

Master of Light

Leaving a Legacy

The Art of the House

A Philosopher’s Palette

For the Love of Land, Mark and Jerri Lisk

Hillside Haven

A Family Refuge

Dwelling in the Thin Spaces

Cowboy Artist of Skyscapes

Finding Home

Modern with Mountains

Born Storyteller

Bending Genres

Beauty in the Beasts

A Voice in Stone

Alone in the Wild

Finding his own Way

The Contemporary West in Harmony

Plain Hard Work

Inside Indian Market

Return of the Iconoclast

Rustic Modern in Jackson Hole

Casa de San Juan

A Way of Seeing

Western Ethereal

Motivation and Motif

Rik Allen’s Rockets

Modern Love

Painting his Passions

Grand Elevation

Where the Spirit Moves You

The Big Wild

Show and Tell

Passion for Color



For the Love of Character

Reflections in Glass

A Monumental Talent

All Over the Map

Into the Wild

Soaring Visions

Nuanced Nostalgia

 Hill Country Contemporary

The Evolution of Western Art

Physics and Poetry

Custer’s Last Fight

True Vision

Wide Open Spaces

Unexpected Beauty

Len Chmiel

The Bird Man

The Ties That Bind Us

Redefining What’s Real

High Country Haven

Living With Art

Color Rides the Winds

In the Abstract

The Painting Life of Riley

Casual Collecting

Let there be light

Double Vision

The Beating Heart of Bronze

Enduring Art

Black & Brown

From the Ashes

Images of Crockett

Seeing all sides

Perfect Accord

Wall Drug: A Love story


The Ferus years

Landscape Traditions

Landscape Traditions


Spanish Vernacular

The Phyllis Shafer Experience

See Everything

Something of Value

Montana Modern

Native Treasures

A Life they Know

Art Through the Lens of Science

Among Masters

The Power of Light

Elegance and Artistry Meld in Park City Contemporary

A Class of his Own


The Monumentalist

Buried Treasure

A Work of Art from the Inside Out

The Messenger

Sacred Space

Kestrel Flies High

Seaside Transformation


Printing the Legend Around the World

Tribal Influence

All Season Architecture

A Home to Honor the setting

Denver Botanical Gardens Unveils New Science Pyramid

Wild and Fearless

Monuments Man

The Enlightenment of Seth Winegar

To the Point

Casa Grande

California Clay

East Meets West

Forging a Creative Life

Scouting the Terrain Ahead

High on Austin

Mountain Modern

Cowgirl Up!

Influence of the West

Wild Art Bazaar

Native Outsider

The Monk’s Shadow

European Heritage Meets Western America

Still Life as Story

Animal Zen


Open Door to a Happy Ending

Pacific Jewel

Loud, Free and Ever More Beautiful


Editor’s Note: Creative Collisions

Wanderings: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Auction Block: On the Upswing

Details: Things We Love

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Collector’s Notebook: The Fine Art of Framing

Collector’s Eye

Western Landmark: The Historic Davenport Hotel

Rendering: Designs for People First

Perspective: Frances Senska [1914–2009]

In the Studio: Creative Cooperation

Designing the West: Cultivated by Nature

Editor’s Note: Western Epilogue

Details: Things We Love

Wanderings: Boise, Idaho

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Auction Block: America, America

Collector’s Eye

Collector’s Notebook: Art on the Move

Western Landmark: Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch Resort

Rendering: Hawkins & Associates, Inc.

Perspective: Helen Henderson Chain [1849–1892]

In the Studio: Food and Fine Art

Designing the West: Modern Mixmaster

Editor’s Note: The Art of Observation

Details: Things We Love

Wanderings: Flagstaff, Arizona

Illuminations: Ones to Watch

Illuminations: Ones to Watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Auction Block: Of Collections and Collectors

Collector’s Notebook: Art’s Impact Through Philanthropy

Western Landmark: Gateway Canyons

Collector’s Eye

Designing the West: Personality and Panache

Perspective: Belmore Browne [1880–1954] and George Browne [1918–1958]

Rendering: Born to be Bold

In the Studio: We’re All in this Together

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Illuminations: Ones to watch

Editor’s Note: Celebrating 10 Years

Details: Things We Love

Auction Block: In the Footsteps of Giants

Wanderings: Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Designing the West: Curatorial Vision

Collector’s Notebook: Painting the World

Collector’s Eye

Western Landmark: The Joule

Rendering: Giulietti | Schouten Architects

Perspective: Mabel Dodge Luhan [1879–1962]

In the Studio: A Trip to Narnia

Perspective: Willard Clark [1910-1992]

Wanderings: Cody, WY

Rendering: A Matter of Perception

Collector’s Notebook: The Art of Appraisal

In The Studio: Scott Christensen

Ones to Watch: Chuck Middlekauff

Ones to Watch: Bonnie Teitelbaum

Ones to Watch: Karen Woods

Details: Things We Love

Designing the West: Confluence

Collector’s Eye: Corby Skinner

Designing the West: Out in Front

Ones to Watch: James Moore

Ones to Watch: Glenn Dean

Ones to Watch: Julie Gustafson

Ones to Watch: Preston Singletary

Details: Things We Love

Collector’s Notebook: Artful Utility

Collector’s Eye: Peter Loughrey

Wanderings: Ventura, California

In the Studio: Don King

Perspective: Nicolai Fechin [1881-1955]

Building Legacies

Out in front

Collector’s Notebook: Vintage Style

Details: Things We Love

Ones to Watch: Charles Rose

Ones to Watch: Marc Taggart

Ones to Watch: Craig Bergsgaard

Ones to Watch: Shelley Muzylowski Allen

Ones to Watch: Michael Greenspan

Editor’s Note: Individual Perspectives

Wanderings: An Insider’s Guide

Ones to Watch: Andrew Mann

Ones to Watch: Robert Seliger

Ones to Watch: Marela Zacarías

Ones to Watch: Ben Pease

Ones to Watch: Marc Hanson

Details: Things We Love

Collector’s Notebook: Creating an Artful Sculpture Garden

Auction Block: Taking Flight

Designing the West: Reimagined and Repurposed

Collector’s Eye: Allison Merritt

Western Landmark: Through an Owner’s Eyes, Chico Hot Springs Resort

In the Studio: Tom Rodrigues

Rendering: Daring Adventures or Nothing At All

Perspective: Group f/64

Wanderings: Sedona, Arizona

In the Studio: Motivated by Mother Nature

Perspective: Gerard Curtis Delano [1890-1972]

Rendering: Listening to the Land

Western Landmark: Arizona Biltmore

Ones to Watch: Matthew Baird

Ones to Watch: Kay Sekimachi

Ones to Watch: Susan von Borstel

Ones to Watch: Dean Mabe

Ones to Watch: Kensuke Yamada

Details: Things We Love

Original Prints

Collector’s Eye: Terry Winchell

Wanderings: Seattle, Washington

Perspective: Gennie DeWeese [1921-2007]

Rendering: Inspired Placemakers

In the Studio: William Matthews

Living Outside

Hidden from View

Ones to Watch: Stephen Sullivan

Ones to Watch: Jeff Brandner

Ones to Watch: Robert Royhl

Ones to Watch: Nora Naranjo-Morse

Details: Things We Love

Collector’s Eye: Ginger Renner

Rendering: Crafting Great Design

Perspective: Ralph Meyers [1885-1948]

Wanderings: Beaver Creek, Colorado

In the Studio: G. Harvey

Designing the West: Timeless by Design

Ones to Watch: Keri DeWitt

Ones to Watch: Kyle Polzin

Ones to Watch: Kevin and Val Pourier

Ones to Watch: Kirsten Kainz

Palliative Pleasure

Details: Things We Love

Ones to Watch: Troy Collins

Ones to Watch: Jerry Markham

Ones to Watch: Gwen Samuels

Ones to Watch: Tracy Leagjeld

Collector’s Eye: Duffy & Tina Oyster

Wanderings: Boulder, Colorado

Rendering: Urban Design Associates

In the Studio: John Austin Hanna

Perspective: Julia Morgan [1872-1957]

Western Landmark: Hotel del Coronado

Designing the West: Organic Design

Collector’s Notebook: Beginning a Collection

Details: Things We Love

Ones to Watch: Alan Carr

Ones to Watch: Daniel Weaver

Ones to Watch: Brian Scott

Ones to Watch: Julia Lucich

Ones to Watch: Dean L. Mitchell

Ones to Watch: Geoff Parker

Auction Block: Spring Highlights

Collector’s Eye: Kathy & Brad Coors

Rendering: The Fine Art Behind Architecture

Wanderings: Las Vegas, Nevada

Perspective: Gene Kloss [1903–1996]

In the Studio: George Dombek

Western Landmark: The Oxford Hotel

Designing the West: Rustic Meets Modern

Collector’s Notebook: Wired

Ones to Watch: Geoffrey Warner

Ones to Watch: Lisa Ronay

Ones to Watch: Sherry Salari Sander

Ones to Watch: Josh Clare

Ones to Watch: Jamie Kirkland

Details: Things We Love

Auction Block: Autumn’s Scenic Art Venues

Details: Things We Love

Editor’s Note: Artful Experiences

Wanderings: Art Escapes in Portland, Oregon

Auction Block: Investing in the West

Ones to Watch: Stacy Robinson

Ones to Watch: Jeff Pugh

Ones to Watch: Rahnee Gladwin

Ones to Watch: Terry Karson

Ones to Watch: Chris Morel

Collector’s Eye: Dan Leach

Collector’s Notebook: Bidding from Afar

Western Landmark: The Art Hotel

Rendering: Designed for People and Place

Perspective: Frida Kahlo [1907–1954]

In the Studio: Behind the Welding Mask

Designing the West: Adding Dimension

Editor’s Note: Western Reverie

Auction Block: Of Wild Spaces and Untamed Places

Details: Things We Love

Ones to Watch: Jeff Williams

Ones to Watch: Kevin DesPlanques

Ones to Watch: Mary Baxter

Ones to Watch: Matt Smith

Ones to Watch: Francis Di Fronzo

Wanderings: Southwest Utah

Collector’s Eye: J.P. Bryan

Western Landmark: The Culver Hotel

Rendering: Hofmann Architecture

Perspective: Seth Eastman [1808–1875]

In the Studio: Modernist Missionary

Designing the West: Rustic Comfort

Collector’s Notebook: Leaving a Legacy

Auction Block: Drawing on Nostalgia

Details: Things We Love

Wanderings: Healdsburg, California

Ones to Watch: Jim Dayton

Ones to Watch: Bryan Peterson

Ones to Watch: Kristine Allphin

Ones to Watch: Sandra Pratt

Ones to Watch: Olivia Pendergast

Designing the West: Livable Luxury

Collector’s Notebook: Beyond the Bidding

Collector’s Eye: Craig & Barbara Barrett

Western Landmark: The Heathman Hotel

Rendering: “Call it Rustern”

Perspective: O.C. Seltzer [1877–1957]

In the Studio: Designing His Own Inspiration

In Flight

Wanderings: Santa Ynez Valley, California

Western Landmark: Grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria

Rendering: Architecture inspired by art

Perspective:  The Taos Society of Artists

In the Studio: Outlier

Designing the West: Simply Divine

Collector’s Eye: Max Baucus & Melodee Hanes

Details: Things We Love

Ones to Watch: Mike Krupnick

Ones to Watch: David Coffin

Ones to Watch: Katie Metz

Ones to Watch: Michael Kessler

Ones to Watch: Rose Masterpol

Ones to Watch: Silas Thompson

Auction Block: Taking Flight

Collector’s Notebook: Fine Art and Taxes

Auction Block: On the Level

Collector’s Eye: François Chladiuk

Wanderings: Park City, Utah

Details: Things We Love

In the Studio: John Banovich

Rendering:  Liveable Landscapes

Western Landmark: Bespoke Inn

Perspective: Robert Lougheed [1910–1982]

Details: Things We Love

Rendering: Freedom of Expression

Ones to Watch: Andrew Denman

Ones to Watch: Hadley Rampton

Ones to Watch: Greg Madeen

Ones to Wacth

Ones to Watch: Guilloume

Auction Block: Western Wonders

October | November: Editor’s Note

Collector’s Notebook: Diamonds in the Rough

Wanderings: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ones to Watch: Ken Andrews

Ones to Watch: Howard Knight

Ones to Watch: Greg Kelsey

Ones to Watch: Carrie Fell

Ones to Watch: Gordon McConnell

Collector’s Eye: Diane & Sam Stewart

Western Landmark: Four Seasons Denver

Rendering: Crafted Modernism

Perspective: Frank Reaugh [1860–1945]

In the Studio: Blazing Trails

From the Editor: Our place in the West

Rendering: Legacies in Wood

Designing the West: Comfort and Joy

Perspective: Carl Rungius [1869-1959]

Western Landmark: Montage Laguna Beach

Designing the West: Holistic Design

Collector’s Notebook: Travel Treasures

Ones to Watch: Eric Cobb

Ones to Watch: Rene Gibson

Ones to Watch: Jacquelyn Bischak

Ones to Watch: Robert Spooner Marcus

Ones to Watch: Susan Jarecky

Details: Things We Love

Auction Block: Positive Energy

Collector’s Eye: Mike & Juanita Eagle

Rendering: Balancing Intuition

Wanderings: Tubac, Arizona

Perspective: Beatrice Mandelman [1912-1998] 

In the Studio: Leslie Codina

Western Landmark: Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

Designing the West: Modern, Classic and Conscientious

Ones to Watch: David Barrett

Ones to Watch: Florian Roeper

Ones to Watch: Simon Gudgeon

Ones to Watch: Leon Loughridge

Ones to Watch: Aleta Pippin