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Thank you for your interest in Western Art & Architecture, the magazine for art collectors and architecture aficionados across the United States.

WA&A approaches its coverage of arts and design from a lifestyle perspective, offering valuable insight for collectors, gallerists, artists, architects and patrons. All of our features, columns and photography focus on America’s love affair with the Western visual arts — from the classic Western masters to contemporary trendsetters — in lively, creative communities from Texas to the West Coast. WA&A is interested in introspective articles by knowledgeable writers and photographers who will approach a story from a new angle and invoke the reader’s passion for art and architecture by evoking a powerful sense of time and place.

WA&A adheres to AP style. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with WA&A before sending a query.

Writers' Guidelines

Queries are accepted via U.S. mail and email. Unsolicited, complete manuscripts are accepted by mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like the material returned. Please send digital submissions to Editor Christine Rogel, Please include the word “QUERY” in the subject line.

Queries should be no longer than one page and should include a focused overview of your subject, an explanation of what makes the story timely (has the artist just won an award, marked a sales record, been collected by a major museum, featured in an upcoming exhibition, etc.), a list of potential sources that you will cite in the story, as well as a link or information about images. Queries for architect profiles or home features, for example, cannot be considered without a selection of images or a link to images. Noting the availability of video content is helpful as well.

Queries including typos or grammatical errors are deleted upon receipt. Do not, under any circumstances, send unsolicited original slides or other artwork. We will not guarantee their return.

Payment rates vary, but are commonly $.50 per word. Writers and photographer are paid upon receipt of a signed contract within 30 days of publication. The editors reserve the right to edit or rewrite any article to suit the magazine’s needs. Major alterations will be discussed with the author whenever possible.

Please note that we have a small staff and often receive an overload of submissions for editorial; allow three months response time to your queries. If you do not receive a response, please feel free to follow up by email with Christine Rogel.


Christine Rogel, Editor
Western Art & Architecture
1050 E. Main Street, Suite 3
Bozeman, MT 59715

Or, email:

Photography Guidelines

WA&A is perhaps best known for stunning images embodied with bold, saturated interior/exteriors with a strong presence of art.

Home Features: For our home features we request submissions of previously unpublished architecturally designed homes west of the Mississippi in all styles — from rustic and traditional to contemporary. The homes should include substantial collections of art and photo queries should include a good selection of interiors, exteriors, detail shots and images focusing on the art collection. Please include the name of the architect, the interior designer (if applicable) and a confirmation that the homeowner(s) have consented to publication. Home features run six to eight pages and generally include seven to 12 images.

In the Studio: This column was designed to be an architectural study of an artist’s working space. We seek submissions that present dynamic spaces — from re-purposed or historical spaces to stunning contemporary studios. The photography should be compelling and tell the story of how the artist works and what he/she is creating. Submissions should include exteriors, interiors, portrait, working shots and details. It’s critical that the images reveal a strong sense of place. The column generally runs five to seven pages and we use seven to 10 images.

Photo usage agreement: JD Publishing shall have the first and exclusive license for six months to reproduce the submitted work and distribute it by all means and media, now known or hereafter discovered, including but not limited to print, microfilm and electronic media; as well as the right to display and transmit the work publicly on-line. After six months from the publication date, all rights secured in the photographs shall revert to the photographer.

Image Submission: Digital images are preferred. Color transparencies, 35mm slides or reflective art is accepted as a last resort. Please make sure all images are well identified.

Digital Photography: Low resolution JPEG images may be sent for consideration. All CDs/DVDs must include a contact sheet of the images. Final high-resolution image submissions must be fully edited Photoshop EPS, TIFF or JPEGs. A minimum resolution of 300 d.p.i. is required. Pixel dimensions should be over 1,500. All images will be converted to CMYK. If a file is over three megabytes please use our FTP site.

WA&A FTP site information: You will need a FTP client program to access this site like Fetch (below is a list of free downloads if needed.) Once you login, you should be able to drag and drop files to and from the server. Host-Name: Username: Password: artupload

Free FTP client downloads: If you use Firefox as your browser, is a good client that works in your browser:  And here is a good Windows FTP client:

Rates: Photographers will be paid based upon placement within 30 days of publishing. Cover: $500; Over one page: $185; Up to one page: $150; 1/2 page: $100; 1/4 page: $70; 1/6 page: $50

SEND TO (email preferred):

Karen Schmidt, Art Director
Western Art & Architecture
Office: (406) 586-2712; Cell: (406) 209-7507

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1069
Bozeman, MT 59771-1069

Street Address for FedEx and UPS:
1050 E. Main Street, Suite 3
Bozeman, MT 59715

Open Departments

Artist profiles:  Artist profiles should be 800 to 1,500 words and should examine the evolution of the artist, their current work, noteworthy achievements, and should include at least two sources in addition to the artist. Please consider the following questions before presenting: Can more than one artist be grouped together? For example, is there a joint show, genre or group of award winners? If you’re presenting a single artist, who is the gallery representation and why is the story timely? Was the artist written about recently? If so, when and where? Remember to include a link to images. And please be sure to include information and dates of upcoming shows as we try to slate features, when possible, in conjunction with major exhibits.

Home features: We feature two home features in each magazine which rely heavily on images. Please include information about the architect, interior designer, builder, location and what makes this home unique. Please note if the home has been published elsewhere, and if the owners are willing to participate.

Illuminations: A front-of-the-book department which is largely handled by a columnist, “Illuminations” features a brief (250 words apiece) look at three up-and-coming fine artists (in various media), a noteworthy artisan (from handmade furniture to fashion designers, etc.), and a rising-star architect. Timeliness is key here; queries should answer the question, “Why now?”

In the Studio: An 800 to 1,200 word story, “In the Studio” gives an intimate view of an artist in his or her working space. Our first priority is to try to find interesting spaces: reclaimed/re-purposed structures (we’ve seen everything from chicken coops to grocery stores); historic structures (some of which were used by famous painters); architecturally designed spaces, etc. If photography is not available, we’ll hire a photographer to shoot the space and the artist; his or her work will be featured prominently. Since we understand that the vast majority of artists work in rather industrial spaces, as opposed to beautiful ones, we try to think outside the box with this column. If the space is not beautiful, what makes it interesting? Is the setting spectacular? Is the artist’s work impacted by the space? And the way he/she uses the space? In the absence of interesting studios, we use “In the Studio” to give readers a more intimate look at an artist, his or her process and overall work. Please also include information about any upcoming exhibitions.

Perspective: Our historical column, “Perspective,” is a longer feature (1,200 to 1,500 words) focusing on deceased masters of art and architecture. Timely links to retrospectives, anticipated sales, etc. is appreciated. “Perspective” is a fairly straightforward profile of an important artist, from birth and education through the end of career and death. Expert sources from museums and galleries should be featured prominently. Past subjects have included Georgia O’Keeffe, Edgar Paxson, Gustave Baumann, Fritz Scholder, architects Julia Morgan and Robert Reamer. Creative ideas for featuring schools of thought or small groups of artists can be considered.

Rendering: In our architectural profile column that generally runs from 800 to 1,000 words, we look for innovative and well-respected firms with a breadth of work. Although we can certainly mention commercial work, the bulk of the imagery should focus on residential projects. We want to establish geographic and stylistic diversity. From time to time, we will cover a builder or landscape architect here. When submitting a firm for consideration, please include the name of the firm, a contact person and information, and a link to their website and photos. Please confirm that they own the rights to their images and will permit use. Please note if they were featured in another publication recently.

Wanderings: In this column we feature a Western locale worth visiting, from big cities to tiny towns. If an art collector were visiting this town for an auction, as an example, what else should they do or see? Where should they stay? Eat? Shop? Explore? Creative structuring of this column is appreciated. For example, one writer featured a 48-hour drive around Lake Tahoe. Another did a walking tour of public art in Seattle. “Wanderings” should include an If You Go sidebar with contact information for the businesses listed.

Western Landmark: This 500-word column features great hotels of the West, from historical gems to contemporary architectural wonders.

Collector’s Eye: In this column we feature a short overview of a significant collector and his/her collection, followed by a question and answer session with the collector. We cover the spectrum both geographically and professionally by featuring curators, galleries, private collectors and more from across the country. This column cannot exceed 1,000 words.

2018 Deadlines for Consideration

Please submit queries three months prior to the magazine’s publishing date:

  • December 2017 | January 2018 issue publishes on November 15, 2017
  • February | March 2018 issue publishes on January 10, 2017
  • April | May 2018 issue publishes on March 14
  • June | July 2018 issue publishes on May 9
  • August | September 2018 issue publishes on July 11
  • October | November 2018 issue publishes on September 12
  • December 2018 | January 2019 issue publishes on November 7