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WA&A is my go-to magazine for superior articles on art. I have discovered numerous artists in the magazine and know that many art patrons have discovered the Coors Western Art Show there as well. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever thrown out a copy; I’ve got a stack of past issues sitting next to my desk right now.
— Rose Fredrick, fine art publisher, writer, and curator of the Coors Western Art Show

“I am a fine art painter in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a major art hub in the U.S. Having had a lot of experience in the advertising business at the art production end, I must say that the experience I had with Western Art & Architecture was a excellent one. … I look at results to see how an investment performs in advertising. In the article [written about my work], the painting Quiet Journey into the Aspen accompanied editorial comments by gallery owner Leroy Garcia. Before too long, I heard about a couple who flew in on their private plane and purchased the painting.

This is not the first time we have had success in sales with WA&A. It seems the market that reads this publication has many art buyers. I also placed a small ad in the magazine for ARTtalk.US. We saw spikes after the publication came out, and I truly feel we were able to launch our blog for collectors successfully with that placement.

One other thing — knowing the degree of difficulty on deadline for this type of high-end publication, I found the entire staff flexible, informative, and accurate as they delivered all the changes and produced this great article and ad.”
Roseta Santiago, fine art painter and producer of ARTtalk.US

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