Collector’s Eye

Collectors reflect on the thrill of the hunt

Collector’s Eye: Bob and Charla Nelson

February | March 2015       Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By J. L. O’Brien      

The bright notes of a mariachi band waft down Palace Avenue, past the New Mexico Museum of Art, its Pueblo Revival style architecture a blend of Spanish and Pueblo influence and…

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Collector’s Eye: Allison Merritt

August | September 2016       Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By New Thought Media      

Behind the scenes at the annual Western Design Conference Exhibit + Sale (WDC), Executive Director Allison Merritt and her team work tirelessly to bring 130 artisans of fashion, furniture and…

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Collector’s Eye: Alan and Nancy Maiss

Winter | Spring 2010      

When Alan Maiss has a target set, he rarely misses. His hunter’s bow once fixed on a Texas Dall sheep that, upon measurement, put his name on a world record.…

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Collector’s Eye: Gail Severn

Premiere Issue       Written By Deb Gelet      

Ketchum, Idaho, is a hot destination for art collectors who relish works of an astonishing variety by emerging and internationally acclaimed artists. It has not always been so for this…

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Collector’s Eye: Tom Petrie

February | March 2014       Written By Carter G. Walker       Photography By Jeff Wells      

An appreciator of art since childhood and now a devoted collector of Western art, Tom Petrie, of Denver, Colorado, is a rare breed of patron. Driven by his constant pursuit of…

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Collector’s Eye: Mike & Juanita Eagle

October | November 2012       Written By Kathy Chin Leong       Photography By Michael Garland      

An ebony bowl that can fit in the palm of a child’s hand is the first thing you notice when you walk into the home of Mike and Juanita Eagle of…

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Collector’s Eye: Ginger Renner

Winter | Spring 2011       Written By Shari Morrison      

Even though she didn’t realize it, when her mother bought the entire set of the Book of Knowledge for the then-5-year-old, Ginger Renner’s future was set. The former owner of…

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Collector’s Eye: J. Landis Martin

June | July 2017       Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Kathleen Lavine      

It would be difficult to find anyone who’s more devoted to the arts than J. Landis “Lanny” Martin and his wife, Sharon. Martin serves as chairman of the board for…

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Collector’s Eye: Charmay Allred

April | May 2012       Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Bill Stengel      

She doesn’t really consider herself an art collector, but Santa Fe’s patroness of the arts, Charmay Allred, has a collection that infuses itself into every room in her house, every space…

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Collector’s Eye: Dan Leach

June | July 2016       Written By Shari Morrison      

If one were to write a fictional story about a quintessential art collector, Dan Leach’s life could be the inspiration. Born in Florida to parents who encouraged his curiosity, his…

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Collector’s Eye: Anne Morand

Winter | Spring 2009      

This is not an observation necessarily shared by all members of the Eastern fine art establishment, particularly those who have spent little time west of the Mississippi River: “In Tulsa,…

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Collector’s Eye: Corby Skinner

Summer | Fall 2010       Written By Christene Meyers       Photography By Amy Archer      

It comes as no surprise that a man equally comfortable in cowboy boots or a dinner jacket should live in a home both cutting edge and of a bygone era.…

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Collector’s Eye: Mike and Sheila Ingram

Fall | Winter 2009       Written By Carleen Milburn       Photography By Amy Archer      

Sure-footed in the business world and unflinching in the cowboy/outdoor sportsman world, Mike Ingram is an avid art collector. Teamed up for life with Sheila Ingram, a collector with her…

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Collector’s Eye: Tom and Mary James

April | May 2015       Written By Laura Zuckerman       Photography By Jorge Alvarez      

Tom James was in college and playing gigs with a rock band when he began purchasing artworks. The spoils of his passion for collecting would ultimately fill the St. Petersburg, Florida,…

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Collector’s Eye: Eugenie Johnson

Fall | Winter 2011       Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Bill Stengel      

A noted expert on Outsider art and board member of INTUIT—The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, Eugenie Johnson laughs when asked how long she’s…

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Collector’s Eye: Forrest Fenn

Winter | Spring 2008       By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Amy Archer      

Forrest Fenn was raised near a cemetery in a small town in central Texas. After graduating from Temple High School, he enlisted in the Air Force, flying 328 combat missions…

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Ones to Watch: Weaver Cheryl Samuel

February | March 2014       Written By Michele Corriel      

Cheryl Samuel’s talents make her a painter, wood turner, bead artist and master weaver. Above all is her single-handed revival of a forgotten ceremonial weaving technique called Ravenstail, used by…

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Collector’s Eye: Bob & Nancy Tia Brown

August | September 2012       Photography By Dewey Vanderhoff       Written By Thea Marx      

“Running the gauntlet between buying art as an investment versus buying it because we love it is a fine line,” says Nancy Tia Brown. Her husband, Bob, adds, “You can’t be…

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Collector’s Eye: Jim & Karen Hensley

February | March 2012       Written By Charles Finn       Photography By Robert Agli      

In the sagebrush and juniper of the high desert of central Oregon, just outside the small hamlet of Tumalo, Jim and Karen Hensley have made their home. “Working harder than ever”…

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Collector’s Eye: J.P. Bryan

April | May 2016       Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Christy Landriault      

Assembled over a lifetime, J.P. Bryan’s collection includes some 70,000 pieces. There are ancient Native American artifacts, rare documents and books, saddles, antique firearms, fine art and other items that…

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Collector’s Eye

October | November 2016       Written By Laura Zuckerman      

Alan and Nadine Levin were not looking to join the ranks of Western art collectors when they vacationed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, more than a decade ago. But Alan,…

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Collector’s Eye: Bob and Curtice McCloy

Summer | Fall 2009      

As an emergency room physician, Dr. Robert McCloy witnessed the harrowing, tragic and most jubilant aspects of human life on a daily basis. When he went home and put work…

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Collector’s Eye: Peter Loughrey

Fall | Winter 2010       Written By Laurel Delp      

What can you say about someone who began collecting at age 2? Los Angeles Modern Auctions founder Peter Loughrey doesn’t remember those early collections, but there are photos of him…

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Collector’s Eye: Jorden Nye

Summer | Fall 2011       Written By Rosemary Carstens       Photography By Bill Stengel      

Some love affairs last a lifetime. For Jorden Nye, after 30 years of collecting art one piece at a time, often paying for them over many months, it’s clear that…

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Collector’s Eye: Nancy and Joe Masterson

February | March 2017       Written By Laura Zuckerman      

There is only one museum in the nation that bears the name of Charles Marion Russell, the legendary painter, sculptor and documentarian of the American West. The C.M. Russell Museum…

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Collector’s Eye: Paul Zueger

Fall | Winter 2008      

Sitting amongst Gib Singleton’s haunting bronzes and the dark paintings of the late Earl Biss at the new Singleton-Biss Museum of Art in Santa Fe, Paul Zueger talks about his…

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Collector’s Eye: Frankie and Howard Alper

December 2017 | January 2018       Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Loren Anderson      

Frankie and Howard Alper have fun collecting art. Although they are serious collectors, with works representing artists from around the world, each piece they acquire brings great excitement. The passion…

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Collector’s Eye: Cynthia Sears

August | September 2013      

When Cynthia Sears moved from California to Bainbridge Island, Washington, in the 1980s, she quickly became enamored with the art of the Pacific Northwest. “I couldn’t believe the art that was…

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Collector’s Eye: Duffy & Tina Oyster

June | July 2012       Written By Shari Morrison      

Duffy and Tina Oyster come to collecting art in a different manner than some. Their ranch-style manor in Dallas is filled with more than 220 paintings, from the French Impressionists…

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Collector’s Eye: Deborah and Warren Wadsworth

August | September 2017       Written By Gussie Fauntleroy       Photography By Ladd Forde      

When Deborah and Warren Wadsworth began collecting and researching historic Colorado art in the early 1970s, their primary research tool was the Denver Public Library. “We drove them crazy,” Deborah…

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Collector’s Eye: Ann & Alan K. Simpson

August | September 2014       Photography By Melissa Thompson      

Ann Schroll Simpson and her husband, Alan Kooi Simpson — the former U.S. senator from Wyoming — say they cannot imagine life without art. Stories about paintings and sculpture are woven…

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Collector’s Eye

December 2016 | January 2017       Written By Kathy Chin Leong      

When her children were young, Kathryn Walt Hall often strolled with them through her parent’s vineyard singing the ditty, “Little Bunny Foo Foo.” It is one of the fondest memories…

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Collector’s Eye: Kim Martindale

Spring | Summer 2009      

Kim Martindale discovered his passion for art while still a toddler in a stroller. He has parlayed that passion into a fascinating career spanning three decades and several continents. At…

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Collector’s Eye: Al Anthony

June | July 2013       Written By Johnny D. Boggs       Photography By Bill Stengel      

Alexander E. “Al” Anthony Jr. arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1957, fresh from the pine forests of Laurinburg, North Carolina, ready to make a career out of the Air Force…

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Collector’s Eye: Max Baucus & Melodee Hanes

August | September 2015       Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Doug Loneman      

On a quick trip back to Montana from his post as the United States Ambassador to China, Max Baucus and his wife, Melodee Hanes, stopped to talk art at a…

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Collector’s Eye: Brad and Jinger Richardson

Spring | Summer 2010       Written By Shari Morrison      

Brad and Jinger Richardson opened Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale in 1988 and in Jackson Hole in 1991. In addition to the galleries, they host the Scottsdale Art Auction, held on…

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Collector’s Eye: Native American folk art collector Bruce VanLandingham

June | July 2015       Photography By Doug Loneman       Written By Michele Corriel      

Native American folk art collector Bruce VanLandingham looks for the highest value he can acquire when purchasing work. With a degree in painting and a background as an art teacher at…

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Collector’s Eye: Gerald Peters

October | November 2013       Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Cameron Gay      

Known for his 8,000-square-foot, museumike gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, his elegant exhibition space in New York and his monumental presence in the Western art world, collector and gallery owner…

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Collector’s Eye: Maria Hajic

Summer | Fall 2008       Written By Todd Wilkinson      

Art is for the living. Maria Hajic doesn’t just embrace the aphorism as a mere slogan, she brings it to work with her every day at the Gerald Peters Gallery…

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Collector’s Eye: Brian Lebel

June | July 2014       Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Bill Stengel      

“I couldn’t wait to get to Wyoming and become a cowboy,” says Brian Lebel. Cashing in after working at the Smith & Wesson plant in his native Massachusetts, Lebel arrived in…

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Collector’s Eye: Barbara LaFranchi, Jane Campbell and Betty Ballentine

October | November 2014       Photography By Chick Harrity       Written By Kathy Chin Leong      

“I lived in San Francisco, and she lived in Calistoga,” recalls Jane Campbell of her first meeting with lifelong friend, Betty Ballentine. “Every summer I went to a lodge to visit…

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Collector’s Eye: Marvin & Simona B. Elkin

February | March 2013       Written By Laurel Delp      

Marvin and Simona B. Elkin live in a Spanish-style ranch house high in the hills of Bel Air in Los Angeles, surrounded by so much art that they’ve simply run out…

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Collector’s Eye: Craig & Barbara Barrett

February | March 2016       Written By Carter G. Walker       By Pam Voth      

In some ways, Craig and Barbara Barrett bought a sprawling Montana ranch for the wall space. They just didn’t know it. Twenty-two years ago, after visiting the Bitterroot Valley’s Triple…

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Collector’s Eye: François Chladiuk

December 2012 | January 2013       Written By Thea Marx       Photography By Pierre Buch      

The intrigue of the American West played like a storybook in young François Chladiuk’s mind. The Wild West was enchanting, its people exotic, the lifestyle full of adventure. Little did he…

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Collector’s Eye: Sue Simpson Gallagher

Spring | Summer 2008       By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Audrey Hall      

Sue Simpson Gallagher has been surrounded by and dedicated to art for as long as she can remember. She grew up amongst artists and in the shadow of Cody, Wyoming’s…

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Collector’s Eye: Rose Fredrick

December 2014 | January 2015       Written By Eliza Cross       Photography By Allen Birnbach      

“Creating art was just what we always did in our family,” says curator and art advisor Rose Fredrick. “My mother taught us how to paint, and when we weren’t painting we…

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Collector’s Eye: Dr. Eric Jungermann

April | May 2013       Written By Shari Morrison       Photography By Joe Domin      

“Osmosis,” says Dr. Eric Jungermann, describing how he arrived at collecting art. It was through his late wife, Eva, who attended Black Mountain College in North Carolina, that Dr. Jungermann became…

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Collector’s Eye: Diane & Sam Stewart

December 2015 | January 2016       Written By Steve Phillips       By Logan Sorenson      

For Diane and Sam Stewart, a shared passion for art has been a constant in their life together. They began collecting in earnest when they purchased their first Oscar Berninghaus…

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Collector’s Eye: Terry Winchell

Spring | Summer 2011       Photography By Audrey Hall      

Terry Winchell’s passion for collecting is so intense that he has built a tremendously successful business around it, becoming an authority on each of the genres he accrues. Growing up…

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Collector’s Eye: Kathy & Brad Coors

December 2013 | January 2014       Written By Carter G. Walker      

For 10 years, Kathy and Brad Coors have lent far more than their family name to the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale. Motivated by a lifelong dedication to preserving…

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Collector’s Eye: Abe Hays

April | May 2017       Written By David M. Brown      

Spurs, saddles and saddle bags; holsters, derringers, revolvers and rifles; antique bits, badges and bronco belts; Abe Hays has collected them all, and more, for 60 years. And, like most…

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