In the Studio

Artists in their working space

In the Studio: Snowdrift

April | May 2013       Written By Roger Naylor      

Dan Lutzick was first offered a space that seemed perfect for a studio and gallery in 2000, but the timing wasn’t right. When it was offered again in 2002, Lutzick jumped…

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In the Studio: Tom Rodrigues

Fall | Winter 2011       By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Tom Liden      

Tom Rodrigues has been a professional artist since the age of 15. Originally trained as a stained-glass artist, his work includes photorealistic nature images of sticks and stones, paintings of…

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In the Studio: William Matthews

Spring | Summer 2011       By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Audrey Hall      

If a home is a reflection of those who dwell in it, an artist’s home — whether an urban loft, a seaside shack or a grand manor — is a…

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In the Studio: Wendy Schwartz

Summer | Fall 2008       Written By Seonaid B. Campbell      

On the edge of Tomales Bay, sandwiched between a road and tidal mudflats, Wendy Schwartz lives and paints. “I’ve always been attracted to little blips of nowhere, the patches of…

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In the Studio: Cathy Smith

August | September 2012       By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Bill Stengel      

At the Nambe Trading Post, time has taken a siesta. The trading post, tucked behind the adobe church in the village of Nambe, lies along the High Road between Santa Fe…

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In the Studio: Modernist Missionary

April | May 2016       Written By John Goekler       Photography By Daniel Bell      

If finding one’s calling is the greatest gift in life, Father Bill Moore is twice blessed. As a priest and as a successful artist, he moves seamlessly from pulpit to…

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In the Studio: Michael von Helms

Spring | Summer 2009       Written By Johnny D. Boggs       Photography By Audrey Hall      

To get to Michael von Helms’ studio, I weave through the sharp, steep turns north of Santa Fe and into the heavily wooded foothills of Tesuque, cross a babbling creek,…

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In the Studio: Art from found objects

December 2017 | January 2018       Written, Photography By Iris Schneider      

Artist Clare Graham has a special relationship with mundane household objects. While most people might think buttons belong on shirts, puzzle pieces fit together on the coffee table, and tin…

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In the Studio: Inside Out

April | May 2015       Written, Photography By Jessica Lowry      

Michael Haykin’s studio, much like his artwork, provides an intimate view of nature. Nestled among tall evergreen trees in a lush meadow, his 500-square-foot workspace is just steps away from…

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In the Studio: Michael Boyce

Winter | Spring 2010      

Snaking up a knoll in the foothills of Nevada’s Mount Rose, a one-lane gravel road leaves the harried suburban lifestyle of south Reno trailing in dust. The hum of traffic…

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In the Studio: Bob Barlow

Premiere Issue       Written By Stella Fong      

Bob Barlow lives in a quiet neighborhood in Billings, Montana. Off a busy thoroughfare are fenced patio homes fronted with identical white garage doors. Sidewalks edged with manicured lawns are…

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In the Studio: Leslie Codina

October | November 2012       Written By Lydia E. Plunk       Photography By Gene Sasse      

Sculptor Leslie Codina’s work commute is a walk through the garden where she merges career with family in a seamless whole. Best known for reviving the stacked totem movement with her…

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In the Studio: G. Harvey

Winter | Spring 2011       Written By Carleen Milburn       Photography By Amy Archer      

Out on the West Texas Spade Ranch, Gerald Harvey Jones — better known as G. Harvey — and his wife, Patty, fell asleep to the creak of the windmill on…

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In the Studio: Creative Cooperation

April | May 2017       Written By Lee Lewis Husk      

The Lubbesmeyer studio is tucked away from the bustling Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon, off a narrow second-floor walkway. It’s difficult to find, and today it’s in upheaval. The…

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In the Studio: Richard Parish

April | May 2012       Written By Michele Corriel       Photography By Rab Cummings      

Richard Parrish’s fused glass art studio is about more than color — it’s about texture and surfaces, layers and patterns. Jars filled with sandlike hues, others crammed with pebbled nubs of…

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In the Studio: Behind the Welding Mask

June | July 2016       Written By Lynn Churchwell-Martens      

J. Howard Miller’s iconic We Can Do It! portrait of a woman flexing her bicep to encourage hard work during World War II hangs above a vintage toolbox in Kelly…

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In the Studio: A Trip to Narnia

October | November 2016       Written By Michele Blackwell       Photography By Anne Sherwood      

Ashley Collins calls them her children, these massive and majestic mixed-media creations for which she is so well known; and her Southern California studio seems the perfect setting for the…

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In the Studio: David Pearson and Patricia Carlisle

Winter | Spring 2009       Written By Johnny D. Boggs      

More than 20 miles separate Patricia Carlisle’s gallery and the home she shares with sculptor David Pearson, yet it’s hard to tell where gallery ends and home and studio begin.…

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In the Studio: Intuitive by Nature

June | July 2015       Written By Carrie Scozzaro       Photography By Marie-Dominique Verdier      

Although she was born in France and has visited a host of countries, artist Catherine Earle doesn’t need to travel very far for inspiration. For Earle (whose first name is pronounced…

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In the Studio: Brad Greenwood

August | September 2013       By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Tom Zikas      

It is not uncommon for an artist to take inspiration from the scenery outside his studio. It’s an unusual story, however, when an artist takes inspiration from the debris outside his…

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In the Studio: Alive with Light, Color and Imagination

June | July 2017       Written By Shirley Moskow      

Many know Dale Chihuly, the educator, artist entrepreneur, and revolutionary in the American glass movement. His works are included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide, and his medium is…

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In the Studio: Food and Fine Art

February | March 2017       Written By Lynn Churchwell-Martens       Photography By Marcia Ward      

Two animated bearded collies provide a homey welcome for visitors entering Dan Ostermiller’s art quarters in lower downtown Loveland, Colorado. This shaggy breed, known for its ability to blend herding…

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In the Studio: Richard Fernau

Fall | Winter 2008       Written By Seabring Davis      

Clyde Park, Montana — population 310 — seems an unlikely place for an internationally renowned architect to establish a studio. Yet the loft-style space that Richard Fernau, of acclaimed Fernau…

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In the Studio: Side by Side

October | November 2014       Photography By Mark Menjivar      

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, William Carrington and Caroline Korbell Carrington often escape the lively city for solitude on family ranches located in Texas Hill Country and West Texas,…

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In the Studio: Del and Martha Pettigrew

February | March 2012       Written By Rick Brown       Photography By Bobbi and Steve Olson      

As it turns out, size does matter. Del and Martha Pettigrew share a 20-foot-by-20-foot studio attached to their home in central Nebraska. The modest workspace might inhibit other artists, but the…

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In the Studio: Blazing a New Trail

June | July 2013       Written By Shari Morrison      

“The Old Chisholm Trail” was a song covered by countless voices: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Gene Autry, Tex Ritter and, more recently, Michael Martin Murphey and the Charlie Daniels Band.…

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In the Studio: Ed Morgan

October | November 2013       Written By Gussie Fauntleroy       Photography By Bill Stengel      

On a narrow, leafy residential street in a historic section of Taos, New Mexico, a low-slung, blocklong adobe building looks very much like what it once was: Spanish army officers’ barracks…

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In the Studio: The Bigger, The Better

August | September 2017       Written By Kathy Chin Leong      

In his Napa Valley, California, workshop, Gordon Huether is raised more than 15 feet in the air, treading a high wire, his hands gripping a balancing pole. Could this be…

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In the Studio: A Garden of Imagination

December 2014 | January 2015       Written By Michele Blackwell      

Cha-Rie Tang says nature inspires everything she does, and a survey of the hundreds of handcrafted tiles and glass sculptures that fill her garden provides visitors with ample evidence. Since 2001, Tang has used the…

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In the Studio: Where Magic Happens

February | March 2013       Written By Marilyn Bauer       Photography By Bill Stengel      

Michael Scott describes his studio as if it were a ship suspended upon the currents of an ever-changing sea. Standing on the back deck of the 1,900-square-foot architectural adobe, he sees…

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In the Studio: Designing His Own Inspiration

February | March 2016       Written By Jenna Vandenberg      

In 1976, two weeks before classes were set to begin at Western Washington University, Randy Van Beek decided to go for the degree without going to class. He knew that…

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In the Studio: George and Pam Carlson

Fall | Winter 2009       Written By Todd Wilkinson      

Wending through a topographical mosaic of mountain forest and knitted farmland, the drive to George and Pamela (Gustavson) Carlson’s home is like a sojourn deep into the middle of an…

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In the Studio: Moving Imaginations

October | November 2017       Written By Allen Morris Jones       Photography By Dana Aaberg      

The new studio of artists Clyde Aspevig and Carol Guzman, south of Bozeman, Montana — just off the road and not far from a national forest trailhead — sits on…

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In the Studio: Blazing Trails

December 2015 | January 2016       Written By Carrie Scozzaro       Photography By Marie-Dominique Verdier      

Ask to tour his studio and Harold Balazs just laughs. “A studio, in my book,” he says, “has to have a hole in the roof and a naked lady on…

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In the Studio: William Shepherd

Summer | Fall 2011       Photography By Bill Stengel      

High in the hills north of Santa Fe where dirt roads curve through wild ranch country, William Shepherd creates paintings that evoke the region’s heritage in remarkable detail. His unpretentious…

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In the Studio: A Working Space

February | March 2014       Written By Mary Ella Anderson       Photography By Fred Bauer      

From his quiet, secluded studio in rural Northern California, Peter Holbrook paints brilliantly colored landscapes of the Southwest. Outside the large windows that flood his working space with light are the…

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In the Studio: John Austin Hanna

June | July 2012       Written By Amy Lemen      

You won’t find a computer in acclaimed Fredericksburg artist John Austin Hanna’s studio — but that’s because it’s the offline world that drives his passion for art. The native Texan…

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In the Studio: An American Icon at 90

February | March 2015       Written By Marla Cimini       Photography By Andréa Cimini      

According to American artist Gino Hollander, the act of thinking is completely overrated when it comes to creativity. “Painting is not a thinking affair. It’s rather a sense of doing. I…

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In the Studio: Outlier

August | September 2015       Written By Laurel Delp       Photography By Marie-Dominique Verdier      

“Arts District, my ass,” David Buckingham mutters, pointing a thumb up the street where a loft building has been cleared of musicians for the newest outpost of the trendy, private-membership…

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In the Studio: Motivated by Mother Nature

August | September 2016       Written By Jane R. Snyder       Photography By Dana Aaberg      

Some people spend a lifetime searching for that one place that captures their heart, speaks to their soul and enables their creativity to flourish. For self-taught artist Susan Norris —…

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In the Studio: Ann Diener

Spring | Summer 2010       Written By Isabelle Walker       Photography By Ciro Coelho      

Ann Diener’s need to draw is irrepressible. Wherever she finds herself is as good a place as any to break out a pencil and paper. Sitting in her contemporary Santa…

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In the Studio: Warner Blake and Karen Guzak

Spring | Summer 2008      

“Our studios are this way,” Karen Guzak says, opening the mirrored door of a 10-foot-tall Victorian armoire. Like Alice through the looking glass, we enter an otherworldly realm where nothing…

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In the studio: Unique Vision

June | July 2014       Written By Laurie Morrison       Photography By Gene Sasse      

The Craggy foothills of the San Bernardino Mountain range encircle the sleepy town of Mentone, California. Fragrant orange groves and picturesque fruit stands frequent the main highway. The setting is quiet,…

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In the Studio: George Dombek

December 2013 | January 2014       Written By Kathy Chin Leong       Photography By Don Shreve      

Strolling up the flagstone walkway, I grin at the child’s tricycle perched atop a stone wall and gaze in wonder at the Hobbit-esque tool shed smothered in orange flowers. Hmm.…

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In the Studio: We’re All in this Together

December 2016 | January 2017       Written By Charles Finn       Photography By Robin McCauley      

He paints his bears with human eyes, an autobiographical nick or scar added to each nose. There’s an intended portrait-like quality to his paintings — beseeching, quiet, calm — as…

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In the Studio: Adrian Arleo

Fall | Winter 2008       Photography By Heidi Long      

Adrian Arleo’s studio walls are a thin membrane between her workspace and the 12 acres in Lolo, Montana, where she lives with her husband and two children. It is an…

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In The Studio: Scott Christensen

Summer | Fall 2010       Written By Seonaid B. Campbell       Photography By David J. Swift      

It is an acutely bright spring morning at Scott Christensen’s studio near Victor, Idaho. Outside the north wall of high-set windows, a deep blue sky holds ebullient clouds. In all…

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In the Studio: John Banovich

December 2012 | January 2013       Written By Lawrence W. Cheek       Photography By Henry Ngan, STUDIO 3 INC.      

John Banovich is a man of fierce determination and tight discipline and thus knew precisely what qualities he wanted for his new studio. A remote, isolated, forested setting with many bears…

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In the Studio: Lisa Neimeth and Mary Daniel Hobson

Winter | Spring 2008      

Lisa Neimeth and Mary Daniel Hobson are two northern California artists — one city-based, the other settled at the beach. They have never met, yet their creative journeys have put…

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In the Studio: Freedom on the Wing

August | September 2014       Photography By Lloyd Eldredge       Written By Steve Phillips      

The muted roar of a departing jet temporarily overpowers Greg Woodard’s boom box. Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” is playing, his favorite song. He turns up the volume and…

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