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Camel Speedy 35 Bag by Leatherandvodka

Metropolitan style meets the Wild West in this authentic Louis Vuitton handbag infused with rustic charm. After Kay McMurtre, founder of Leatherandvodka, saved up and purchased her first Louis Vuitton bag, she found that it didn’t reflect her individuality. She realized the straps were removable and then made a few other tweaks to make it her own, adding touches using her background in leather tooling. Sold online and through such luxury boutiques as Kemo Sabe, the Camel Speedy Bag features intricate braiding for the handle and trim, cascading leather fringe, and a vibrant turquoise centerpiece that combines luxury with Western flair.

13.8 x 9.1 x 7.1 inches

Winter Moon Vessel by Fred’s Glass

Fred Kaemmer uses “unorthodox techniques” to create his one-of-a-kind glass designs ranging from modern and subtle to whimsical and vibrant. For this vessel, Kaemmer tumbles glass bits in a small bubble to create branch patterns designed after a flowering crabapple tree that sits outside his kitchen window. After more glass is blown out and shaped, he fuses a round piece of silver leaf to the interior surface to create the Winter Moon. Due to the handmade process, no two are exactly alike.

14 x 8 inches

Leather Journal Covers by Cary Schwarz

When he’s not making saddles, leatherworker Cary Schwarz dabbles in smaller side projects, including these journal covers that reflect the same intricate designs he’s known for but on a more compact leather canvas. Born and raised in Idaho, Schwarz began his journey into leather in 1972 while working at a holster store and went on to study saddle-making in the early ’80s. Over the years, while continuing to practice the craft, he’s developed his artistic style with ornate floral designs that are carved and stamped. Schwarz’s saddles have won numerous awards, and in the late ’90s, he helped form the non-profit Traditional Cowboy Arts Association. These journal covers are made-to-order with Hermann Oak leather and Italian leather on the spine and interior, and most fit Rhodia #16 notepads.

8.75 x 6.5 inches 
TCAA Notebook #2: $4,565
TCAA Notebook #3: $1,975

Whispering Trees Cuff  by Brad Taylor

For metalsmith Brad Taylor, the natural beauty in the wild places he’s called home throughout his life — from Wyoming to Alaska — fuel his work. The Whispering Trees Cuff is part of an aspen tree series inspired by his autumn drives through Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks and the peaceful sound of the wind whispering through aspen leaves. Hand-fabricated from two pieces, the sterling silver top layer is cut, pierced, and soldered onto a solid backing. Then, after hand-engraving the top, he adds 18-karat gold leaves to the background. “Heat, metal, shape, texture, and solitude — losing myself and finding forms,” Taylor says. “It’s the process between nature and design that gives my artistic world clarity and order.”

1.25 x 6 inches

Antler Stained Glass Lighting by Ashley Delonas

Idaho-based mixed-media artist Ashley Delonas infuses her imagination, design skills, and love for the outdoors — mountain climbing, antler shed hunting, and rock hounding, among other pursuits — into her unique, functional works of art. Both colorful and playful, her chandelier and pendant designs are built around the antlers, highlighting their organic shapes and forms. Then, she incorporates stained glass, gemstones, and polished rocks to fill the space in between. “Bone became my canvas; glass, nature, and light became my medium,” she says, explaining how her work has evolved over the past 10 years. We love the color combinations, eclectic use of natural materials, and the sculptural form each one takes on.

Approx. 35 x 24 inches
From $3,000 to $7,000

Celestio Wall Covering by Duchateau

Adding texture and nature-based beauty, the Celestio Collection from Duchateau features individual, handcrafted geometric patterns in oak or walnut (depending on the chosen color) that are assembled into wall panels. Made by artisans in the company’s state-of-the-art workshop in Mexico, each panel piece is hand-finished, then puzzled together. Choose from eight patterns and color varieties. We love the 3D effect and the assortment of patterns in the collection and how they add a contemporary touch rooted in nature.

Approx. 24 mm thick
Starts at $48 per square foot

Facing East Blanket by Ginew

Minnesota-based artist Dyani White Hawk (Siċaŋġu Lakota) designed this blanket for Ginew, a Native American-owned family business known for high-quality, small-batch garments and home goods fusing contemporary style with Ojibwe, Oneida, and Stockbridge-Munsee designs. Woven by Pendleton Wool Mills in Oregon, “the Facing East Blanket acknowledges the ways that Lakota and other Indigenous people honor and express gratitude for the gift of each new day,” says White Hawk. Soft yet durable, and with opposing sides of cream and yellow, the blanket will brighten up any living space. We love the vibrant colors that White Hawk chose and how this heirloom-quality blanket is made to be passed down.

64 x 80 inches

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