"Voyage Handbags" by Material Things

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Voyage Handbags by Material Things

Designing handbags for more than 20 years, Janet Chico uses a variety of appealing fabrics to create classic bags with contemporary flair. “The fabrics I work with are cotton, linen, cotton blends, wool and chenille,” she says. The Voyage Bag is not only beautiful, but also functional. Inside are two phone-size pockets and a zip pocket, and its zipper-closure at the top makes it pickpocket safe. The bags’ crowning feature may be their versatility, as they can also be folded over and carried as a clutch. Choose your color scheme and begin your voyage.

$200 | 17 x 12 inches | 818.314.2068 | mthandbags.com

Outdoor Dining Table by Woodland Creek Furniture

The artisans of Woodland Creek were tired of hearing people say, “We can’t find a unique outdoor table,” so they took on the challenge and designed one. Turns out, it’s a beauty. And virtually indestructible. The base is made of composite lumber that’s weatherproof, and the concrete top is sealed so it doesn’t stain and can hold up to the elements. Made with cast concrete for the material’s durability and appearance, it’s also lightweight at one-third the weight of regular concrete. The table is available in a variety of colors, edge profiles and thicknesses. Woodland Creek makes more than 170 models of dining tables, and this one is just perfect for dinner outdoors. 

60 x 38 x 3 inches: $2,995 | 120 x 38 x 31 inches: $4,495 | 231.668.9125 | woodlandcreekfurniture.com

Peacock Tile Mural by Carly Quinn Designs

We are happy to present this beautiful mural that easily transitions from indoors to outdoors. Created by artist Carly Quinn, each ceramic tile is hand glazed. Her background in illustration, graphic design and website design give Quinn’s creations a polished designer appearance. Working from her studio in downtown Tucson, Arizona, she creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition tiles, including custom countertops and backsplashes for residential and commercial uses. Her work is in numerous galleries throughout the Southwest, and we particularly love these peacocks showing off their colorful plumage, adding just the right splash of color to a space that begs for something artful.

$650 | 36 x 18 inches | 520.624.4117 | carlyquinndesigns.com

Words of Wisdom Bookends by Ken Rowe

From his studio set among the Red Rocks of Sedona, artist Ken Rowe sculpts wildlife subjects he has seen, studied and, perhaps, taxidermied during his life in Arizona. Since 1987, Rowe has devoted himself to sculpting and casting wildlife in bronze. Particularly fascinated with birds, he says, “Flight, in general, has always intrigued me. It boggles my mind to see anything fly, and I am inspired by the glory of nature.” On any given day you might find Rowe in the field, sketching, photographing or observing some wild creature. We love how this pair of bookends shows his skill at capturing the essence of the owl. 

Edition of 35: $3,600 | 11 x 6 inches | 928.282.8877 | rowegallery.com

Texas Longhorn Wall Sculpture by Drover House

Jim Mundorf has been working with horns for more than 10 years, turning them into furniture, mirrors and other items, such as handlebars for a beach bicycle in California. His creations from the Texas Longhorn have found their way into the most intriguing places, including the front of Conan O’Brien’s desk while filming in Dallas and in The Wall Street Journal’s house of the week, featured on HGTV’s “Selling New York.” This hanging wall sculpture, Flor de Cuerno (Flower of the Horn), is a fascinating display of the iconic cattle. Eight matched pairs of horns are intricately cut and carved to fit together. It takes considerable time to make them so stunning, as the outer layers must be sanded and polished. 

$4,900 | 43 x 45 inches | 877.871.5283 | droverhouse.com

Botanical Boxes by Kevin Irvin

Storage cabinets are no longer the dull brown or boring white you once knew. One of the latest trends in très chic storage is Kevin Irvin’s Botanical Box. Handcrafted, these boxes hang as art with function. Each box is created with 140 to 160 individually cut and arbitrarily applied wood veneers, resulting in Irvin’s windswept leaf pattern. We love them for their easy, push-to-open doors and painless installation. The Botanical Box is available in red koto (shown here), walnut or maple. Custom colors and sizes can be ordered from Irvin’s Phoenix, Arizona, studio.

$435 | 12.25 x 12.25 x 8 inches | 602.647.4084 | kevinirvin.com

Wearable Art by Jennifer Hill

At once timeless, beautiful and bold, Jennifer Hill’s creations fuse fashion, art and nature. Using only hand friction, soap and water, she bonds wool and silk fibers together for clothing that is stitch free. “I love the power of my wearable art and its ability to transform the places you go, the conversations you will have and the way you feel when you wear it,” Hill says. Sure to turn heads, Hill’s fashions celebrate the individuality of the wearer. To make the ultimate statement this wedding gown, the Queen of Pearl, is dotted with more than 100 freshwater pearls. She also handcrafts luxury gowns such as the Black Swan, in which sheer silk is juxtaposed with solid wool layers.

Queen of Pearl: $3,200 | Black Swan Luxury Gown: $2,200 | 208.340.2298 | jhillfelt.com

Koi Lamps by Lara Fisher 

For those of us who have, at one time or another, been mesmerized by a lighted aquarium at nighttime, we invite you to experience these koi lamps by Lara Fisher. That same feeling of peace and tranquility that aquariums emit, these lamps emulate. Fisher has perfected the ability to capture the quintessence of the koi as symbols of peace and prosperity. Her handmade, natural-fiber lampshades swim on bases of recycled steel and have a calming effect. These two lamps, the red, titled Prosperity, and the other, Journey, illustrate the power of light and color. Imagine a whole school of them illuminating your living room. 

$650 | 24 x 13 inches | 505.930.5140 | lucadecor.com

Sculpted Thermometer by Stevotomic

Primed and designed for covered areas, this Midcentury Modern thermometer is a happy thermometer. Sculpted by cool cat Steve “Stevo” Cambronne, each piece is created with personality and is brightly finished in shapes and colors that take people back to the 1950s. Custom-made, buyers can choose their own color scheme. Proof of Cambronne’s ability to please his audience are the 55 Partition Awards he’s received from the Modernism Vintage Trailer Show, a part of the popular Modernism Week in Palm Springs, California, which fosters the appreciation of Midcentury architecture and design.

$299 | 18.5 x 18 inches | 702.600.9582 | stevotomic.com

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