"Feather Bow Ties" by Brackish

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Feather Bow Ties by Brackish 

These feather bow ties, conceived by Ben Ross as a gift for his groomsmen a few years ago, are the ultimate statement for the modern outdoorsman. Utilizing a variety of feathers, from turkey to partridge to peacock and many others, each tie is handmade so no two are alike. Feel proud as a peacock when you pair the bird’s blue-green plumage with a khaki sports coat. Or try a subtler but no-less-distinct black-and-white guinea fowl bowtie — the perfect complement to a black tuxedo. No matter how you wear them, you are sure to be the one in the crowd that turns heads, and, ahem, ruffles feathers.

$165 to $275 | 4.75 x 2.5 x .25 inches | 843.469.8833 | brackishbowties.com

Out of the Woods Cabinet by Dennis Esquivel

Dennis Esquivel designs modern furniture that would please his ancestors. As a member of the Grand Traverse Tribe of Ottawa and Chippewa, he grew up surrounded by trees in the woods of Michigan. This cabinet was created for a traveling exhibit that began at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. Named Out of the Woods, it incorporates shapes inspired by his heritage. “Our tribe is known for doing birch bark containers,” he says. “So the whole idea of the cabinet is — it’s a container!” The cabinet includes quillwork on the front panels, and the legs were designed in the likeness of traditional war clubs. We love that this museum-quality cabinet is available for one lucky soul who values not only its beauty but also the spirits of the ancestors contained within.

$12,000 | 27 x 66 x 12 inches | 505.820.7338 | red-dot-gallery.com

The Last Stop: Vanishing Rest Stops of the American Roadside by Ryann Ford

Do you remember all the towns in “Route 66,” the song that Nat King Cole recorded in 1946? It starts in Chicago and ends up in L.A., passing through towns such as Amarillo, Texas, and Gallup, New Mexico. It was the rest stops, not the road, in Western towns such as these that captured photographer Ryann Ford’s attention. Her records of these all-but-forgotten places are included in her book The Last Stop: Vanishing Rest Stops of the American Roadside, published by PowerHouse Press. In photos sometimes whimsical, sometimes solitary, she preserves memoried spots fast disappearing as commercial vendors open doors along highway exits. Even if you can’t remember all the towns in the song, we think you’ll love this book — especially if you hum the tune while you read it.

Hardcover, 176 pages: $45 | 10 x 12 inches | amazon.com

Sioux Horse Mask at Cayuse Western Americana

We love this Sioux horse mask, a colorful Native American artifact. Though perhaps you might not use it on your horse today (it’s far too valuable!), the Plains Indians certainly did during the late 1800s. They believed the masks embodied the terrifying powers of Thunder Beings by making the eyes of the horse light up like lightning on the battlefield. This stunning mask with red quill work, silk ribbons, rosettes and a silk ribbon through the center was created in the Morning Star pattern with stylized bison horns and tin cones. Mary Schmitt of Cayuse Western Americana tells us there are less than a hundred of these masks known to exist. “Thanks for loving the mask — it’s very, very rare,” she says.

$48,000 | 307.739.1940 | cayusewa.com

Stingray Shade Sculpture by Tuuci

Tuuci’s latest innovation is a sheltering sculpture in motion. Made with marine-grade materials, the Stingray Shade can rotate 360 degrees to provide relief from the sun any time of day. Organic, natural shapes inspired Tuuci founder, Dougan Clarke, who practically grew up at the ocean. Some speak of his designs as shade architecture, others as functional art. Manufactured with anodized aluminum, stainless steel and polymer components, it’s built to last a lifetime. Now, the only umbrella you’ll need is the one in your tropical cocktail.

7 x 10 feet: $4,275  | 9 x 13 feet: $6,250 | 305.634.5116 | tuuci.com

Miss Taos High Heels by Christian Louboutin

Madonna and Victoria Beckham, as well as thousands of other women who love his trademark red-sole shoes, sing the genius of Christian Louboutin. One woman is said to own more than 6,000 pairs. We love that these colorful heels are hand-beaded and inspired by Mexican folk art. Louboutin began sketching shoes in his teens, finding inspiration while stitching buttons and feathers on ladies’ costumes for the Follies Bergère, a cabaret music hall in Paris, France. His high heels rose to exhibition status when the Brooklyn Museum included them in their exhibit, Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe. For those who wish to own a pair of these beauties, we recommend you get them before they sell out.

$2,495 | 888.856.8247 | christianlouboutin.com

French Script Doggy Sofa by Enchanted Home Pet

If Fido could speak instead of bark, he might tell you he wants a sofa as pretty as yours. But since he can’t speak, we’re letting you know that Enchanted Home offers a wide variety of furniture-quality sofas for man’s best friend. “Form follows function” is the approach the company takes when creating its pet beds. And Fido or FiFi don’t have to be French or foo-foo to enjoy this scripted sofa. Adorned with French expressions, it’s an addition to your home that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is comfortable.

$139.99 | 25.25 x 15.75 x 17.5 inches | 973.928.2274 | ehpet.net

Baccarat Mosaїque Tumblers at Neiman Marcus

Founded in 1764, Baccarat has become a national symbol for France’s l’art de vivre. This collection of six Mosaïque tumblers makes a beautiful presentation on any table. At less than 4 inches tall, each one holds almost 7.5 ounces — perfect for that glass of orange juice on a late Sunday morning while taking in the view of a peaceful lake, mountain vista or overlooking the fruits of your labor as your garden beds bloom. Made in France from lead crystal using traditional glassblowing techniques, who wouldn’t love to sit at a table adorned with these lovelies? 

$1,470 | 6-piece set | neimanmarcus.com

Arbor Hummingbird Swing by Pops Birding Co.

If it’s true that more than 65 million Americans of all ages watch, feed and landscape for birds, it’s easy to imagine there are quite a few hummingbird feeders out there. After all, who doesn’t like to sit on a porch and watch as Ruby-throated hummingbirds flit, flutter and sip nectar from a feeder? What’s unknown by most is that hummers live at the edge of their energy, perching 80 percent of the time before hovering to feed. You’ll do your flying friends a favor by providing them with this place to perch. Hang this Hummingbird Swing close to their food source, as they like to keep their food in sight. And then be sure your camera is at hand.

$12.99 | 6 x 8 x .75 inches | 909.790.2411 | popsbirdingco.com

Codex Desk by HoCoFab

Mat Long likes to describe his creations as “Amish crafted, New Mexico built.” The Amish, known for their craftsmanship and for green-sourcing trees, provide the heirloom-quality hardwood that HoCoFab uses to build furniture. Mat and his wife, Julie Ruth, who is from Ohio Amish country, have set up shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they design and build unique desks. From hickory wood with sky blue trim or a maple-magenta combination, HoCoFab’s Codex Desk literally pops with color. The desks are named for the Dresden Codex, which is believed to be the oldest text from Mayan pre-Columbian America. “From start to finish, each piece is conceived, designed, built, welded and delivered by artists who are committed to their craft,” says Long. And the combinations of wood and powder-coated steel are endless. Which would you love to work at, white maple and brilliant blue?

$750 to $2,200 | Custom sizes available | 505.603.7181 | HoCoFab.com

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