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Pottery Flask by Charmae Shields Natseway

A member of the Yellow Corn Clan from the Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico, Charmae Shields Natseway creates exquisite seed pots, pyramid boxes and, in this case, a pottery flask with a corncob stopper. She’s known for her unique shapes, taking her into the realm of a contemporary potter, all the while using the ancient method of hand-coiling and pinching clay to create her vessels. When using color, Natseway boils them all from natural vegetation and then paints her design. We love the preciseness and crispness of her painting that makes her work stand out and has earned her multiple awards.

$550 | 7 x 4 inches | 505.986.1234 |

Pop Art Cowgirl Boots by Rocketbuster 

Happy 28th anniversary to Rocketbuster! Their handmade custom boots are designed, cut, carved, stitched and assembled in an eclectic brick warehouse building in the historic Union Plaza District of downtown El Paso, in the good ol’ USA. Doing it by hand, the old-fashioned way, is what the company takes pride in, even if it isn’t the fastest way. It’s difficult to believe the variety of boots Rocketbuster makes and the imagination involved in these Pop Art boots that we are crazy about! Statement boots, such as these one-of-a-kind, handpainted gems, are rare. Choose your favorite hero or heroine cartoon for your boot, trace your foot with the pattern and have Rocketbuster bust out your own special rendition.

$4,300 | 915.541.1300 |

Jet Engine Occasional Table by Criffin Designs

We have never seen anything like these architecturally dynamic tables crafted from jet engine parts. Most notably is the first-stage compressor disk that came from a Garrett 731 jet engine. In service, this stainless steel piece had a value of $250,000. Out of service, like this one and its mate, their value is now artistic. Each piece, individually created, has its own unique qualities. The legs are made of walnut, trimmed with B-17 wing-skin embellishments and AD rivets at its feet. This is a table with a certain wow factor for the discerning collector. 

$5,000 | Airplane parts, walnut, maple and glass | 24 x 18 inches | 505.604.2867 |

Navajo Blanket #10 by Dale Chihuly & Pendleton

Celebrating the tradition of Native American trade blankets, world-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly and Pendleton Woolen Mills have teamed up to create Navajo Blanket #10. It is one of a series of designs inspired by Chihuly’s Navajo Blanket Cylinders. With Pendleton’s 100-plus years of experience, the collaboration has produced beautiful keepsakes in numbered editions of 250. The patterns and colors of Native American traditions will warm your home whether it’s displayed on a bed or on a wall. Made of 82 percent pure wool and 18 percent spool-spun cotton warp, its large size makes a bold statement. We love how collaboration  bring us total delights!

$510 | 64 x 80 inches |

Bison Concha Belt by David McElroy

You’d be hard pressed to match the skill set that Renaissance man David McElroy possesses. A member of the Choctaw Indian Tribe of Oklahoma and a native of Bartlesville, he was a lawyer by profession and a barrister practicing for eight years in England. It was there that he learned the techniques of European repoussé. As a silversmith, he creates objects that are unique and timeless, such as this bison concha belt titled Monarch of the Tall Grass Prairie. Each concha pictures a bison in a different life stage. One concha is a young male in a fighting stance; another a mature buffalo in his prime. McElroy transferred images to metal and then used the repoussé technique to make them stand out. We love this belt, as you will, too, especially the one lucky enough to own and wear it.

$6,250 | Full grain bullhide and 18-gauge sterling silver | 505.225.4210 |

Le Cowboy 2016 by Martin Guitars

This Le Cowboy guitar by Martin looks as good as it sounds. Offering the best of both worlds — high-quality acoustics and original artwork by famed cowboy artist William Matthews — it's sure to be strummed from one generation to the next. Limited to models sold in 2016, this beauty is crafted with a face of solid Sitka spruce and quilted mahogany on its back and sides. The cowboy-themed artwork is carried through to the headstock. We can just picture an acoustic superstar taking the stage, Le Cowboy in hand, or this guitar leading sing-alongs under a starry night sky. It’s a lovely addition for art collectors and players alike. 

$4,999 | 800.633.2060 |

Cowgirl Treasure Chest by Sticks

Just when you thought you had to grow up! This romantic Western trunk — hand-carved and painted on birch wood — makes a great, unexpected addition to a guest room. And by placing it there, no one will know you secretly fell in love with it. Hand painted inside and out by Sticks, it is handcrafted by talented artisans in Des Moines, Iowa. The Cowgirl Treasure Chest employs brilliant colors, 3D components and etched contouring, making this a rare gems for your home. We found this one at Jane Hamilton Gallery in Tucson, Arizona, along with other cheerful and colorful pieces designed by Sticks.

$2,900 | 24 x 34 x 21 inches | 520.529.4886 | 

Sweeping Taper Chandelier from Wimberley Glassworks

If you are looking for that statement piece in a chandelier, you might consider this Sweeping Taper Chandelier adorned with brilliant, fire-red blown-glass shades supported by hand-forged steel. The size is perfect for lighting up a room, be it your living room, dining room or, for an unexpected touch of elegance, your master bath. In business since 1992, the Texas-based Wimberley Glassworks features hand-blown glass of all kinds, including exclusive glass editions, limited-edition vases, sculptures and lighting. 

$4,342 | 26.3 x 32 inches | 888.796.3962 |

Roomscapes: The Decorative Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino

If you are one to tackle the job of decorating your home on your own, we know you will love this book by one of the most celebrated interior architects of the 20th century, Renzo Mongiardino [1916–1998]. Reissued due to its popularity, this book offers an instructional, common-sense approach to interior design. Mongiardino’s reputation extends around the globe after designing for notable families such as the Rothschilds and Radziwills, as well as for couture designers Valentino and Versace. We love his practical approach to design as noted by his chapter headings: “The Genesis of a Room;” “The Function of a Room and Its Appearance;” “Illusion: The Eye Deceived;” and “The Birth and Development of Perspective.” Mongiardino’s style is especially focused on creating ambience.

$60 | Hardcover: 9.75  x 11.25 inches | Pages: 240 | Illustrations: 260 color, 18 black and white |

Bisque Porcelain Tea Set by Theresa Gong

We love the thought of sitting by a fire with someone special, looking out on a snow-covered field while sharing tea and cookies. And accompanied by one of Theresa Gong’s handmade tea sets, the picture is even more imaginable. Working from her studio at the edge of the Yellowstone River  in Montana, Gong etches her designs through colored slips that she’s applied over a leather-soft clay body. After firing them in temperatures up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit, and glazing them, they are safe and durable as dinnerware. Her love of this craft was born out of a trip to Asia, where she visited pottery studios in Japenese villages. Her designs, using dragonflies, hummingbirds and butterflies, make us feel like the teapot sets are heirlooms.

$200 | Teapot: 7 inches; Cups: 3 inches | 406.671.6282 |

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