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Wagon Suites by Conestoga Wagon Company

Just picture it: the Milky Way a shimmering blanket in the night’s sky, the unmistakable smell of campfire smoke, the wind rustling the leaves on the trees… Enjoy all the benefits of roughing it without the worry of where you’ll rest your head. These customizable Conestoga Wagons are modeled after early 19th-century designs, offering snug prairie-style luxury as night falls. Choose a family-size wagon with a king-sized bed and two bunk beds or a smaller couple’s wagon built for two. Each is constructed by hand, using tongue-and-groove joints, kiln-dried fir, powder-coated metal and sturdy canvas. Evoke the Old West but avoid being too rustic with electricity from an RV hookup, solar panels or a standard car battery. You might wish to create a memorable guest “house” by adding a full bathroom or dining area. Or perhaps you seek a personal escape for solitude, with a simple bed and writer’s desk.   

Family Wagon: $26,000 | Couple’s Wagon: $25,000 | 25 x 12 x 10 feet | 307.277.0525 |

Bora Bora Wedge Sandals by Rockwell Tharp

Even if you can’t travel to Bora Bora this summer, you can feel transported when you step into these colorful wedges by Rockwell Tharp. Handcrafted with a genuine leather lining, the Bora Bora Wedge is a fun and fanciful addition to your wardrobe. We love the rich aqua and deep rose colors, and that they were designed with comfort in mind. Great for pairing with a cute cocktail dress, or jeans and a tee.

$308 | 808.268.6131 |

Savannah Rain Saver by Rain Wizard

Smart and charming are two qualities that one might not associate with a rain barrel, but that’s where the team at Rain Wizard comes in. The company conceived a design to beautify and improve rainwater harvesting. Made in the United States, this discreet barrel can hold up to 55 gallons of water. It also doubles as a planter, just add your favorite flowers for a touch of color and class to an otherwise utilitarian tool. The planter is self-draining with a mesh screen to block debris from entering the rainwater, and a channel in the planter’s rim diverts overflow away from your home’s foundation. Available in a variety of colors, being eco-friendly has never felt so simple.

$193.99 | 21 x 21 x 41 inches | 866.595.4332 |

Circular Beach Towel by Slippa

Leave it to an artist to turn something ordinary into something original. These colorful, circular towels by Slippa are just the thing to turn a day at the beach into something a little more creative. Made with thick, absorbent cotton, the luxurious towels are designed with geometric patterns that were created by artists from around the world. The Cape Verde Towel was hand-drawn by an artist from the U.K. and was inspired by the volcanic archipelago off Africa’s coast. Art at every avenue, even when shoreside.

$50 | 5 foot diameter | 858.263.7098 |

Hillsboro Hammock by Urban Home 

Stretch out under the palms — preferably with something cold to drink — in this perfect resting place you can share with a loved one… or not. At nearly 6 by 7 feet, the Hillsboro Hammock is so generous in size it can fit the whole family. Brought to you by Urban Home, the bigger-than-average hammock is designed with an elegant curved-wood frame and all-weather nylon fabric, challenging you to sit back, relax and just enjoy life.

$399 | 71 x 56 x 88 inches | 805.604.0908 |

Polished Cast Iron Cookware from Butter Pat Industries

“Cast iron hasn’t been this smooth in a hundred years,” touts Butter Pat, makers of these beautiful, hand-cast, non-stick iron skillets. Made in limited quantities, with a 100-year warranty, this cast iron cookware is often handed down from generation to generation. Founder Dennis Powell believes these skillets are a likely heirloom because of their quality. “Most cast iron is asphalt rough, lead heavy and difficult to season to a non-stick surface,” he says. Instead, Butter Pats are cast thin and smooth, are easy to clean with soap and water, and are created in the USA using their own unique process, free of potentially harmful engineered coatings.
Every detail has been considered to help you achieve your best results, whether cooking ceremonial holiday meals or just everyday breakfasts.

$245 to $395 | Various sizes | 540.227.0820 |

Handmade Glasses by North Drinkware

Craft beer and artisan beverages were the inspiration behind these handmade glasses that pay homage to famous mountain ranges. The founders of North Drinkware wanted a glass crafted with the same care and consideration as the beverages they held inside. Made in Oregon, the first and most popular pint glass showcases Mount Hood rising from the base. The faithful reproduction was accomplished using USGS topographical data and creating a 3-D mold. Mount Rainier, Yosemite and Camel’s Hump — Vermont’s most iconic peak — were added to the collection and come in either pints or tumblers. Founded as a Kickstarter project, North Drinkware began with the modest goal of raising $15,000. In less than three hours, that goal was met and then exponentially exceeded when the campaign closed at more than $531,000. All of the glasses are handmade and may have slight variations, adding to their beauty.

Pint glass: $45 | Tumbler: $45 |

The Knot & Grain Credenza by Edgewood Made

We love imagination, and that’s what the designers at Edgewood Made used when they created this credenza. They thought of this piece as a horizontal log, with the white-oak doors representing bark and the maple drawers representing the interior of a tree. Knots appear throughout the piece, rippling the furniture just as they would a tree’s wood grain. It’s a perfect piece to describe the company, which specializes in creating products that “exist within the intersection of nature and manufacturing.” Edgewood Made’s goal is to bring quality manufacturing back to America, and they use materials in their rawest form, taking great care each step of the way.

$22,000 | 22 x 84 x 26 inches |

Theodore Waddell: My Montana by Rick Newby

A hero to many, the latest book on Montana artist Theodore Waddell covers 50 years of his career. My Montana — Paintings and Sculpture, 1959–2016, by Rick Newby, tells the story of an artist who was born in Billings, Montana, in 1941, and raised on a nearby ranch. Waddell became a rancher but, thankfully, also a painter. Newby’s book, full of essays from historians and critics, explores Waddell’s take on the Montana lifestyle. Pat Williams, former member of the House of Representatives, says it best when he describes Waddell’s art as “a hard-earned triumph of observation, inspection, canvas and brush … a moment of moving water seen between blinks, the sky dripping through a sunset.” That’s enough to make us want to read more while soaking in Waddell’s famed abstract expressionist paintings.

$29.95 paperback | $45 hardback | 256 pages |

Tecnogas Deco Range by Superiore

In 1952, the Contini brothers had a little workshop on the banks of the Po River in Gualtieri, Italy. Barely 20 years old, they envisioned the Mobilfornello, a device that brought together a cooktop and propane tank. Their ingenuity launched the rise of their current company, which continues to design products that harmonize form and function 60 years later. The Superiore Tecnogas Deco Range is a nod to Art Deco, the postwar design movement made iconic in the decorative arts. We love the attention to detail found in this distinctive range, from the cast-iron trim to the cream-color control panel and luxurious gold details that were inspired by a famous Parisian handbag designer. Equipped with six gas burners, a griddle and two electric ovens with dual fans, the range is available in vintage tones of red, black or cream. When creativity meets cookery, it’s nearly impossible for us to pass by. 

$9,900 | 48 x 24 inches | 844.322.2111 |

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