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Recycled Glass Countertops from Vetrazzo

Believing that they have a responsibility to do more than just use recycled materials, Vetrazzo has managed to solve an environmental problem by creating a market for waste glass. The company utilized more than 250 tons of recycled and waste glass in 2007 to produce its electrifyingly beautiful countertops, table tops and architectural cladding. We are impressed that Vetrazzo is comparable in price and durability to granite; but we are simply bowled over by the selection of colors and styles, including our favorite, Cobalt Skyy, made from recycled Skyy Vodka bottles.

Starting at $45 per square foot | Vetrazzo | | 510.234.5550

Natural Edge Hardwood Furniture from Stone Forest

From a company known for its timeless stone work—think bathtubs carved from boulders, stunning fountains fashioned from hand-carved granite and basalt — comes a new line of hardwood furniture that can only be described as functional sculpture using nature as a blueprint. Each piece is handcrafted from thick slabs of sustainable hardwood using mortise-and-tenon joinery. We love that each piece reflects the natural character of the tree from which it is crafted, and we are absolute suckers for the graceful curve of this exquisite bench.

$1,500 | Stone Forest | | 888.682.2987

Dragonfly: Carrier of the Spirit by Jennifer Jesse Smith

An artist since childhood, Jennifer Jesse Smith creates extraordinary jewelry that invokes the sacred. With a degree in bronze sculpture from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Smith combines metalsmithing and alchemy to create wonders in sterling silver and gold. She also works in the film industry as an on-set stylist and maker of costumes and jewelry; her Native jewelry creations won raves in Comanche Moon. We are intrigued by Smith’s use of traditional inspiration — her Ravens line is based on ancient pictographs; the Wingeds on the Plains Indian view of the natural world — to create pieces that are stunningly contemporary.

$275 | Jennifer Jesse Smith | | 505.231.0558

Handcrafted Pintle Hinge Door from La Puerta Originals

Founded more than two decades ago by architect Scott Coleman, La Puerta Originals has garnered the nation’s largest collection of antique architectural wood materials. With more than 6,000 carved pieces spanning three centuries and 14 countries — from doors and gates to furniture, mantels and architectural elements — La Puerta Originals starts with some magnificent but untended old pieces, transforming them slowly, by hand, into breathtaking contemporary pieces that often still possess an Old World quality and charm. While we are moved by the fact that most of its original materials come from parts of the world where historic preservation is non-existent, it is the beautiful craftsmanship in each piece — like the graceful dance of lines and curves in the Handcrafted Pintle Hinge Door — that truly inspires us.

$15,000 – $20,000, depending upon incorporated materials | | 505.984.8164

Natural Architecture from Advent Design International

From a hand-selected 18-ton boulder mined from the northwestern mountains of Turkey comes this phenomenal solid stone soaking bath. Advent Design International’s founder and CEO, David Luster, travels the world — from Brazil and Peru to Italy, Egypt, Thailand and beyond — uncovering extraordinary pieces of rock, and the regional stone masters who will invest hundreds of hours into creating each magnificent piece. The story is wonderful. The designs, sublime. But really, who doesn’t want to luxuriate in a bathtub hand-carved to look as if it is still emerging from the 300-million-year-old boulder? Functional art is an understatement. These tubs leave us speechless in admiration.

Starting at $22,500 | Advent Design International | | 201.444.0426

The Broncho Buster Document Case from J.W. Hulme

A collaboration between the Frederic Remington Art Museum and J. W. Hulme Co., the Broncho Buster line is a limited-edition assortment of exquisite pieces, each of which — choose from a gun case, folio, duffel, tote, document case and contoured bottle guard — is crafted from full-grain American Bison leather and artfully embossed with Remington’s beloved Broncho Buster. Only 400 of each item will be made. We are enchanted by the partnership between this gem of a museum and classic bag company, but in truth it is the buttery soft leather that makes us weak in the knees.

$1,200 | J.W. Hulme | | 800.442.8212

Tulikivi’s Zefiro from Warmstone

Imagine yourself sprawled out on a slab of rock as afternoon fades, the rock holding the sun’s heat, like a memory, into the chill of evening. Now imagine having such a piece of rock — gorgeous in its curves and striations — to warm your living room. Warmstone creates just this kind of magic with soapstone fireplaces by Tulikivi. Soapstone is the most efficient, safe and healthy stone for holding, conducting and radiating heat. Some of these artful fireplaces can even be used for cooking! We love that a minimal amount of renewable wood burning for two to four hours generates up to 24 hours of significant radiant heat … but truth be told, it’s the sleek lines and sexy curve of the Zefiro that light our fire.

Starting at $27,160 | | 406.333.4383

Anything from La Châtelaine Chocolat Company

This little French artisanal chocolaterie in Bozeman, Montana, creates intricately molded and hand-painted delectables of all flavors and shapes. Using only natural and fresh ingredients (with no preservatives, so you can feel good about eating an entire box in a couple of sittings) such as jasmine tea, lavender honey, candied rose petals, organic cream, geranium oil, orange flower water and sea salt, La Châtelaine chocolates are as lovely to look at as they are to eat. The owners, with their own love story as sweet as their artful morsels, use five different types of dark chocolate and have developed their own ganache with an unmatched style and flavor. As for our favorite … are you kidding?

$67 for the 39-piece Signature Luxury Box | La Châtelaine Chocolat Company | | 866.522.5440

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