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Green Wave Teapot by Fred Stodder 

Fred Stodder began studying ceramics at age 16, and the end results are eye-catching centerpieces sure to brighten any room. Take for example, the Green Wave Teapot, with its vibrant color scheme, achieved by underglazing the pot to give its surface more visual depth and character. His work is mostly inspired by architecture, Minimalist painting and jazz music. Based in Laguna Beach, California, Stodder’s ceramic art is regularly exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country.

$800 | 10 x 12 x 4 inches | 949.481.1068 | 


Deep Seating Swivel Set by Dwayne Cranford 

Dwayne Cranford’s love of rocks stems from a childhood growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This early start led him to create visually striking furniture pieces from slabs of beautiful, highly polished stone. The result is a form created from and inspired by nature. Cranford said his rock chairs have been compared to something found on the set of “The Flintstones,” but with their unique ability to enhance a natural environment, his contemporary designs redefine the Stone Age. 

$4,200 | 10 x 3 x 36 inches | 866.407.8991 |

Walnut Bench by Big Timberworks’ Live Edge Furniture 

Beautifully crafted of reclaimed walnut and oak wedges, using through wedge tenon joinery, this simple bench signals an exciting new direction for our favorite Big Timberworks craftsmen: Live Edge Furniture. Launched in the spring of 2012, Live Edge employs the same exquisite craftsmanship for which BT is known. With the goal of “celebrating the tree by keeping it whole,” Live Edge creates stunning works, from rustic to contemporary, with dramatic live edges and bases that incorporate everything from stone and metal to concrete. We love the hand-planed texture on this bench and the remarkable artistry of its design and construction.

$1,200 | 42 x 18 x 16 | 800.763.4639 | 

Holy Moly and Green Diamond Ring by Carla Fox

Describing herself as her father’s favorite son, Carla Fox’s passion for metal-smithing began in his workshop where she learned a love of tools. Gold, bi-metals, silver and copper sheets are cut, hammered, filed and soldered into creative three-dimensional forms that could be described as bold, playful and sophisticated. Take, for example, her Holy Moly and Green Diamond ring. Created from sterling silver and 22K gold bi-metal, the sparkling green diamond stands as the cherry on top of her exquisite display of metalwork. Operating from her studio in central Oregon, Fox draws inspiration for her designs from the calm and subtle beauty of the high desert, creating quiet surprises for those who seek beauty in the details.

$750 | .5 x 1.25 inches | 541.322.6272 | 

The 14 Series Chandelier by Bocci

Designed by Omer Arbel in 2005, Bocci’s 14 Series is a staggeringly beautiful process-driven design that challenges traditional lighting concepts in favor of creating ambient installations. It achieves its power and drama through composition and clustering. Each pendant is entirely handcrafted using recycled, articulated glass spheres, which can be mounted singly or in groups of infinite count. The effect of such understated, natural beauty is nothing short of ethereal: Imagine the glow of candles emanating from spheres of floating water. We love that Bocci’s 14 Series is stunning without being overbearing; it draws the eye without interrupting the view. With this 14.14 chandelier, Bocci’s mission to create objects that become companions in people’s lives has been duly achieved. 

$6,020 | 14.14 rectangular or round | 604.639.5184 | 


Chief Cufflinks by James Reid, ltd.

Attention to detail is a mark of true artistry, and that theme is apparent in these Chief Cufflinks by James Reid, Ltd. Detailed in 14K gold, this little chief leads with style in his white gold headdress with ruby accents. Established in 1979, James Reid’s primary objective is good design and the Santa Fe company is famous for original interpretations of Western Americana. Drawing on classic sources for new and innovative designs, these cufflinks stay true to the company’s mission.

$2,500 | 15/16 x 15/16 inches | 800.545.2056 | 

Paint by Numbers: A Charles Bloom Murder Mystery by Mark Sublette 

Paint by Numbers is a mystery novel for the art aficionado. Follow protagonist and art dealer Charles Bloom as he discovers the secret behind the suspicious death of his best-known artist, Willard Yellowhorse. Filling a void left by the late Tony Hillerman, author Mark Sublette, owner of Medicine Man Gallery, draws on his own experiences as a Native American art dealer to bring to life this intriguing and beautifully written story of mystery, murder and the creative spirit.

$24.95 | Hardcover, 264 pages | 800.422.9382 | 


1881 Vintage Ladies’ Purse by Vogt

This one-of-a-kind bag by Vogt was built in 1881 as a ladies’ stagecoach lunch bag. Spying a diamond in the rough, Vogt smartly salvaged the original hardware and rebuilt the handbag to working condition. With a smooth red Italian leather exterior, accented by a hand-tooled, black cherry leather border and lined in a black gold paisley pattern, the bag is an icon of Western vintage at its finest and reminds us of a time when handmade artistry was the rule rather than the exception.

$925 | 14 x 6 inches | 800.344.7457 |

Split Leather Riding Skirt by Michael J. Guli

Created from high-quality deerskin for comfort, beauty and durability, this handmade Split Leather Riding Skirt is designed for the Western woman on the go. For more than 35 years, designer Michael J. Guli has created buckskin and leather garments for those who seek historically inspired Old West designs. Using his background as a professional artist, he draws inspiration from early Wild West performers, turn-of-the-century cowgirls and patrons of dude ranches during the 1920s to 1940s heyday. We love that the skirt is at once beautiful, functional and historically true.

$895 | Custom sizes | 970.221.2992 | 

Porter Garden Telescope by Telescopes of Vermont

The iis a union of art and science. Originally this sculptural version of a classic reflecting telescope was designed by Russell W. Porter in 1923. Few originals remain, but the family-owned Telescopes of Vermont is resurrecting this beauty in a hand-finished cast bronze and with vastly improved optics that are held in place by a delicately detailed bronze ginger leaf. When not in use, the optical pieces can be removed, leaving a graceful Art Nouveau sculpture that can remain outdoors as a distinctive centerpiece. Limited to 200 units, the Porter Garden Telescope is a milestone acquisition for the art collector, garden lover and astronomy buff.

$76,000 | 62 inches and 130 pounds | 617.292.5155 | 

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