"War Vest Table" by Robert Seliger

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War Vest Table by Robert Seliger

It was a dream that began Robert Seliger’s War Vest Table. The dream was so real, he says, that he could see every color and every intricate detail of an Indian chief’s war vest as he prepared for battle. From that beginning, the table was envisioned, built and refined to win high honors at the 2015 Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyoming. Seliger uses traditional joinery techniques instead of screws and nails, and finishes his work with a hand-rubbed 12-step process. Made of alderwood, this table can be custom-scaled and proportioned for any space that begs for an artful piece of furniture. 

$7,500 | 72 x 35 x 22 inches | 541.389.7068 | robertseliger.com

Bower Astronomical Dial Regulator by Bower Clocks

Nathan Bower is one of a few artisans in the country making clocks one piece at a time. He holds deep respect for Old World methods and the true craftsmanship of bespoke clockmaking. This Bower Astronomical Regulator is a precision, 10-day, floor-standing, weight-driven regulator clock with compensating pendulum. Every piece of the clock is made by hand including the flame-blued screws and handles and gear spokes that are cut by hand with a jeweler’s saw. Awarded nationally for his work, Bower’s timepieces are set apart from traditional clocks with his emphasis on cabinetry aesthetics, shown here in mahogany. Bower’s wife, Jennifer, hand-engraves the numbers on the clock face. Each clock is custom made.
$10,000 – $12,000 | 10 x 72 inches | 231.932.1363 | bowerclocks.com

Navajo Occasional Chair by Pacific Green

We love this Navajo armchair no matter if it is finished in chocolate or black leather, or in the popular Brindle cowhide, which adds a rustic charm to its elegant design. Scaled down from the oversize armchair, it can fit into any home. Imagine two chairs at either end of a dining room table, or four chairs around a game table tucked into an alcove. In the Brindle chair, waxed chocolate leather is stretched across the back of the steel frame and held in place under sustainable coconut palm wood ribs, fastened by leather and wire bindings. Engineered for comfort and built by artisan craftsmen, the Navajo Occasional Chair is a tactile masterpiece that hugs and supports the body. 

Starting at $2,200 | 33 x 30 x 34 inches | pacificgreenus.com

Butterfly Pavilion by Garden Arc

Imagine the next party or picnic in your backyard in this organically engineered Butterfly Pavilion. Made of white pine, tongue-and-groove paneling and laminate shingles, it will easily accommodate a table for 10. Uniquely designed with sustainable, eco-friendly materials by Tamas Fodor, this garden gazebo is ideal for anything from a backyard barbecue to a formal wedding. Created with curved wooden beams, its artful form could be the perfect place for a yoga or meditation space, or just about any reason you can dream up to enjoy the great outdoors. 

$5,350 | 13 x 13 feet | 718.450.0348 | gardenarc.com

Footrests by Anne Beard

Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, an Anne Beard footrest makes a perfectly subtle statement in any room. The artist, whose award-winning functional artworks are part of the permanent collection of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, captures a glimpse of Western culture in every piece she creates. These footstools are handcrafted using wool gabardine and tooled leather or deer hide, and are finished off with nail-head accents. Whether you’ve just slipped out of cowboy boots or dress shoes, your feet will gladly accept a rest on one of these Western beauties at the end of the day.

 $1,500 – $1,700 | 11 x 22 x 8 inches | annebeard.com

Clipped Arch Candlesticks by Sterling & Steel

These hand-forged Clipped Arch Candlesticks will turn your dining table into a place of romance. Forged of a partnership between two metalsmiths — one a welder and shipbuilder, the other a goldsmith — we see these timeless works of beauty as complements to any décor: contemporary, modern, rustic or traditional. Sterling & Steel is known for its sculptural housewares. All are 
handmade — stunning, inviting and lasting.

$1,150 | 6 x 3 x 2 inches | Hand-forged steel and sterling silver | 719.539.5499 | sterlingandsteel.com

Lapiaz Bathtub by Maison Valentina

The Lapiaz Bathtub is a statement piece for even the most luxurious bathrooms and the most rarified bathers. Manufactured in Italy by artisans who envisioned a frozen stone that cracked to reveal a rich, golden interior, the polished-brass details inside the tub and mirrored sides qualify this Lapiaz Bathtub as a work of beauty. Imported into the United States by Demorais International, this tub can make every day St. Valentine’s Day. Bubbly, anyone?

$32,955 | 77.5 x 36.5 x 27.5 inches | 703.369.3326 | demoraisinternational.com

Private Spaces by Diane Madaras 

From the Bahamas to Greece, from sojourns in Africa to trail rides in the Dakotas, artist Diane Madaras’ diary comes to life in vivid hues in Private Spaces, a colorful collection of memories of the places she has visited. A 20-year retrospective and memoir of her career as a painter fill the pages, telling a story that is sometimes inspiring and sometimes heartwrenching. Published by Palomino Publishing, the book contains 150 paintings and 105 photographs that include her beginnings as a watercolorist to her present-day paintings. Thanks to her veterinarian father, Madaras’ love of animals shows up frequently in her paintings, as do scenes of the great outdoors. For lovers of flora and fauna, there’s something to love in Private Spaces.

$75 | Hardcover, 160 pages | 520.615.3001 | madaras.com 

Fish Fossil Tiles and Palm Frond Fossil Panel by Green River Stone Company

From a private quarry containing the sedimentary remains of an ancient lake in southern Wyoming come these formidable tiles containing some of the best-preserved fish on the planet. The Green River Stone Company offers the finest in fossil fish stone products, perfect for use as inset tiles in a wall or backsplash and countertops in the kitchen or bath. “The fossil palm frond is a rare find, ” says Gregory Laco, president of Green River Stone Company. “The lake was once in a tropical climate some 50 million years ago.” The company produces individual fossil specimens, artistic fossil murals and other stone products for museums, private collectors, interior designers and architects.

$80,000 to $150,000 for Palm | $500 to $1,300 each for Fish Tile | 763.551.0001 | greenriverstone.com 

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